Dior Nude Shimmer in Pink Glow (Transat collection for Summer 2014)

dior nude transat shimmer pink glow 1

Hello lovelies,

today I’m going to talk about Dior Nude Shimmer powder in Pink Glow, which is a part of Transat collection for summer 2014. The product retails for 38GBP and I got mine from feelunique.

The powder comes in a heavy silver round compact with cannage imprint. You also get a nice dust bag with it. The compact on the outside catches fingerprints (my biggest pet peeve). The compact contains a mirror and there’s also a mini kabuki brush included, which is pretty soft and nice. The powder has 10 grams.

Even thought the product description (“DIORSKIN NUDE Shimmer can be used as a light veil on the rounded areas of the face to catch the maximum amount of light and create a naturally dazzling glow”) leads me to believe that this should work as a highlighter, on my skin this shade is actually a blush.

dior nude transat shimmer pink glow

The shade Pink Glow has two pink quadrants with pale pink letters. The other two quadrants are rosy bronze shade with pink letter imprints. The product contains shimmer. The pink quadrants with light pink letters are extremely sheer and pale and they barely show even on my NC15-20 skin. The bronze quadrants are surprisingly more orange than I thought they’d be. However, mixed together, they give a perfect, slightly bronze pink flush. If you use a really small brush, you can get the colour from each quadrant individually, but I prefer to mix all shades together.

dior nude transat shimmer pink glow 2

Depending on your skintone this will work either as a blush or a highlighter. It is too pink to be used as a bronzer.

On my skin this is the perfect summer blush. It is very pigmented and I don’t see how it could work as a highlighter. It is shimmery, but the shimmer is barely there – only to prevent the product from looking flat. It wears well – I didn’t notice any fading throughout the day.

I definitely like it. It’s been a while since I last bought something from Dior and this blush definitely makes me want to get more.

Did you try Nude Shimmer?

xoxo Tamara

New in (Part 2) – Make-up (Urban Decay, Too Faced, theBalm, bareMinerals, Edward Bess, RMK)

newin ud bm balm 6

Hello lovelies,

here’s the second part of my huge haul – this time the focus is all on make-up. Looking at the photos, I think I have a blush problem:)

newin ud bm balm 4

First are Too Faced Sweethearts blushes – I love the cute heart shaped packaging, although it is a bit inconvenient to store. I haven’t used them yet but they swatch pigmented and not too shimmery. I have all three shades: Peach Flush, Candy Glow and There’s Something about Berry.

newin ud bm balm 3

I also discovered a new brand (at least to me) – RMK. Since I’m in a blush phase, I got a new Spring 2014 Kaleidoscope Cheek blush in Coral Pink. I was unpleasantly surprised by the size of the blush. I know it contains only 3 grams, but they could have camouflage it to look bigger.

How cute is the packaging?

newin ud bm balm 5


newin ud bm balm 2

Next is Edward Bess Prismette quad in Sun & Stars. I swatched them too, and they seem great. I’m looking forward to trying more of Edward Bess products. P.S. His hair… I just can’t. I get major hair envy whenever I see him. If he were selling hair products, I’d get every single item, no matter the price.

newin ud bm balm

The final 3 items are palettes:

newin ud bm balm 1

The first is bareMinerals palette for Holiday 2014 which I managed to get for 11 GBP on feelunique. It contains two eyeshadows, a blush, a lipgloss, an eyeliner and a mini primer.

There’s no need to introduce Naked 3. I’ve tried it and so far I love it. I plan to post a review soon.

The last palette is theBalm Shady Lady special edition. I love reptiles, so I bought it based only on the snakeskin print packaging. I had no idea which shades I’d get and I was pleasantly surprised once it turned out that this is another nice neutral palette.

Well, I think this is it (for a while).

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

SISLEY Phyto Blush Eclat in #05 Pinky Coral Swatch and Review

sisley blush coral

Hello, dear readers,

as you know, Sisley is one of my favourite brands (despite its price) and today I’m going to show you the swatch of their new version of Phyto Blush in the shade Pinky Coral.

But first, let’s say something about the product. The blush comes in a black and white plastic compact with mirror and brush included. The cover of the compact has a zebra print and the compact itself doesn’t feel like it is of a good quality.

Unlike the old version, this version contains considerably smaller amount of the product – 7 grams vs. 10 grams in the old one. The price remained the same – $85.

The brush included is nothing special – it is very wide so it will serve for touch-up, but I prefer to apply it with a proper blush brush.

The blush inside the pan is zebra patterned and it contains two complimentary shades, which in spite of the name aren’t coral – light peachy pink and dark peachy pink. The ligher shade still leans more on the pink side, while the darker shade is more peachy. Both shades contain a barely visible shimmer.

It is possible to use both shades separately, but to do so you’re going to need a very narrow blush, so it might be easier to use them mixed.

I fell in love with this blush the moment I saw the promo pictures. I’ve been looking for a perfect peachy-pink blush for ages and this one is a pure perfection. It compliments my skin-tone well and it doesn’t turn orange or pink after several hours. It stays on from the moment I apply it to the moment I take it off in the evening without fading.

As for the pigmentation it is pretty good – pigmented enough but still fool-proof and it is extremely hard to overdo it. I have to add that I’m not a fan of super-pigmented blushes (Illamasqua, Inglot) because it is hard for me to find the exact amount and I always overdo it.

All in all, I adore this blush despite the price.


Bok, dragi čitatelji,

kao što znate, Sisley spada u meni jedan od najdražih brandova (usprkos cijeni), a danas ću vam pokazati swatch nove verzije rumenila Phyto Blush Eclat u nijansi 05 Pinky Coral.

Ali za početak nekoliko riječi o proizvodu. Rumenilo dolazi u crno-bijeloj plastičnoj ambalaži s uključenim ogledalom i kistom. Poklopac rumenila ima zebrasti print i ne djeluje kao da je kvalitetan. U usporedbi sa starijom verzijom, ovdje dobijete osjetno manje (10 nasuprot 7 grama). Cijena je ostala ista – oko 480 kuna.

Kist koji dobijete unutra nije ništa posebno – može proći ako trebate popraviti rumenilo, ali ja preferiram pravi kist za rumenilo.

Rumenilo ima zebrasti uzorak napravljen od kombinacije dviju nijansi iste breskvasto roze boje. Razlika je u tome što svijetlija nijansa vuče na roskasto, dok tamnija vuče na breskvasto. Obje nijanse sadrže jedva vidljivi shimmer.

Moguće je koristiti svaku nijansu zasebno, ali za to će vam trebati jako uzak kist, tako da je jednostavnije koristiti kombinaciju obje boje.

U ovo sam se rumenilo zaljubila čim sam ga ugledala na promo slikama. Dugo sam već tražila odgovarajuće breskvasto-rozo rumenilo i ovo je kao napravljeno za mene. Jako dobro paše uz moju nijansu kože i ne oksidira na koži. Rumenilo ne blijedi – ostaje onakvo kakvo je i bilo kad sam ga stavila.

Pigmentacije je prilično dobra, ali ipak ne previše, tako da je jako teško pretjerati s rumenilom. Moram napomenuti da baš i ne volim jako pigmentirana rumenila poput Illamasquinih ili Inglotovih jer mi ih je jako teško dozirati u uvijek nanesem previše.

Sve u svemu, ovo rumenilo usprkos cijeni obožavam.

sisley blush coral closed


sisley blush coral name


sisley blush coral opened


sisley blush coral closeup

Sisley Phyto Blush Eclat 05 Pinky Coral swatches:

sisley blush coral swatch

The swatches are made in this order (from left to right): both shades mixed, darker shade, lighter shade.

sisley blush coral swatch sun

Swatchevi su poredani ovim redom: obje nijanse izmiješane, tamnija nijansa, svijetlija nijansa

sisley coral blush skin swatch

SISLEY Phyto Blush Eclat #4 Duo Pinky Rose Swatch, Ingredients and Review

Hello, dear readers. Get ready for Sisley week:)

This version of Sisley blush is being discontinued and replaced with newer version (you can read more about it in my blush comparison post).

However, you don’t have to worry if you like this shade because it is repromoted in the new version (only the lesser amount).

This version has 10 grams and retails for $85.

It comes in a shiny black compact with mirror and brush included. The brush that comes with it is very wide, but flat. It is softer than their regular, full-sized blush brush.The compact is housed in a black velvet pouch.

The blush is divided into two parts: the larger one is a slightly cold hot bright pink, while the smaller one is a warm pinkish highlighter. Both shades contain a tiny, tiny microshimmer which is not visible on the skin, but it prevents the blush from looking too flat.

Because of the size of each part it is like having 3 blushes in one.

The blush is very silky and pigmented, especially the brighter pink side. The pigmentation is a bit too much for me, because I always get too much and in the morning I don’t have much time for blending. If you mix the two shades the pigmentation is just right.

The blush stays on for hours without fading, even on my oily skin.

Click for more pictures and SWATCHES

SISLEY Phyto Blush Eclat Comparison of the Older vs. Newer Version

Since I finally own both versions of Sisley Phyto Blush Eclat (although in different shades), I’ve wanted to do a post with the packaging comparison.

Both versions of the blush retail for the same price (at least in Croatia). However, you get less for the same price. The older version contains 10 grams, while the new version has “only” 7 grams (still very generous).


Also, both blushes come in a black velvet pouch and contain the brush of the same size and the mirror in the cover of the compact.

The older packaging is a black lacquered plastic case, which seems very elegant in my opinion. The new version has a trashy zebra print on the white plastic cover with a metallic red “S” written on the top.

The size of the compact remained the same, but the size of the pans inside didn’t. The pan in the new blush is considerably smaller.


The older blush has only a “sisley” and the black orchid printed in, while the new version has a zebra stripes relief (and the blush itself is in zebra pattern).

While the brighter colour predominates in the old version, the new version has a more equal distribution of the shades.

As for the blush itself, I feel that the older is more versatile because the two shades: bright and light pink, are clearly separated and both parts are big enough and clearly separated so you can either use each separately or mix them.

With the new version of the blush, because of the pattern, it is much harder to separately use darker and lighter colour. It is possible, but you’d need a very narrow brush.




The new version comes in 5 shades, and three of them are the repromoted older version (Pink, Peach and Mango). The shade #2 Pinky Berry seems like a dupe to Litchi duo to me, but according to my Sisley SA, it isn’t.

Another new shade is #05 Pinky Coral (the one I own). I’ll review that shade later in the year (November or December).

I hope that this has been helpful.

If you have any favorites among the older shades, you don’t have to worry that they’ll be gone.

Thank you for reading:)

SISLEY Shopping



Several days ago I was saying how I’m glad I haven’t bought the older version of Sisley blush. A couple of days ago, I have changed my mind. I ended up in the store and did some comparison swatches of new vs. older blushes. Since the old #4 Duo Pinky Rose was almost 100% same to the new one, I couldn’t resist.


The old version contains 10 grams, while the newer one contains 7 grams.


I also got a several testers: Intensive Day Cream (haven’t tried it yet) and Hydraflash (one of my favourite products).


I’m still not sure whether I want (and need) Mango duo and the coral blush from the new collection. I guess that the time will show:)


This is what the blush looks like. I’ll see if I manage to do comparison photos.

INGLOT Face Blush #27 Review and Swatch

I’ve been wanting to expand my blush collection for some time, so the 20% off Inglot sale was very welcome. However, I didn’t count on not so good array of shades when it comes to the blush – either the blushes are matte dirty pink or brown shades or they have huge glitter. In the end I have picked up Face Blush in the shade #27. The blush comes in a round pan with a twist-off transparent cover.

The blush contains 2,5 grams and this was one of the decising factors as I don’t want to hoard too much and I had to take into account the fact that it took me several years to hit the pan on my Dior blush which has 7,5 grams. Since the amount of blush is very small, I can see myself finishing this reasonably quickly. In Croatia the blush retails for 75 kunas (approximately $13 or 10 euros).

#27 is a matte dirty reddish pink. It is very dark in the pan – almost dirty red and I was a bit concerned with how it will turn out on me. On the skin it is more pink, but with noticeable red undertones.

The blush is very pigmented, but it blends easily. Since I’m used to less pigmented blushes, I still have to learn the right way to apply it. So far, I prefer to apply it only on the cheek apples and not all along the cheeks (to avoid the 80’s look). The blush is blends easily, but if you’re not used to such pigmented blushes, it might be awhile until you learn to apply it the best way.

Once applied, the blush stays on through the day – I haven’t noticed any fading or colour-changing.

I only have a slight issue with the texture of this blush. The texture is soft, but the blush is very powdery and everytime I pass over the blush with the brush, there is a lot of fallout and a lot of wasted product.

Overall, I’m really satisfied with this blush. I would appreciate if Inglot were to expand the shade range and maybe add more finishes.

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