A ENGLAND Rose Bower

a england rose bower

It’s been awhile since my last nail polish related post. Sadly, I didn’t have much time to wear and/or to swatch new nail polish, so here’s one from my archive.

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october empties all

The end of November is definitely the best time to post October empties:) Hopefully, I’ll post November empties before the new year.

As I assumed, after several months with enormous amounts of finished products, things have slowed down.

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100 Days No-Buy Challenge + Post No-Buy Haul pt 1.

no buy title

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post. I wanted to post my no-buy impressions in October, but life got in a way so here we have it – almost a month after it officially ended.

Surprisingly (actually not, considering the fact that at the moment I barely find time to eat and sleep) this one went much better. I did failed a bit – I bought that Douglas beauty box, but I’ve been pretty disciplined for the remainder of my no-buy.

Sadly, my discipline didn’t last very long – as soon as the midnight struck I ordered what seems to be a yearly supply of skincare, bodycare and make-up. It’s so much that I won’t show it all in this post but you can look forward to part two soon.

So, this is the majority of the stuff I bough.

post nobuy haul

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SWATCH │ Guerlain Madame Batifole Nail Polish

guerlain madame batifole 3

I don’t think I can rave enough about Guerlain nail polishes. They are indeed perfect – a nice wide flat brush which polishes your nails in just one swipe and superb pigmentation have persuaded me to take a closer look into the range. The only thing Guerlain’s nail polish collection is lacking is a wider selection of colours. While they are nice, the current range is way too boring for my nail polish taste.

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SWATCH │ OPI The Color of Minnie & I’m All Ears

I haven’t been wearing a lot of nail polish lately, so no new swatches, but I was browsing my pictures folder and found these two swatches I made several months ago and never got to post. Both shades are from OPI Minnie Mouse collection.

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BEAUTY BOX │ Douglas ♥ You Beauty Box Review

douglas september bb

Beauty boxes are not new in the world, however, Croatian girls didn’t have a chance to get any as they are not available in our country. I’m really happy that Douglas perfumerie has started this project – a beauty box exclusive to Douglas Beauty Club (which is nothing secret – just fill out the application form in Douglas store).

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OPI Germanicure – Prefect Nail Polish for Fall

opi germanicure

I don’t know about you, but I’m in the fall mood since August. As if the summer never happened. Anyway, fall is the season when I pull out all my reddish golds, browns and burgundies. One of such is OPI Germanicure.

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