EMPTIES │ July Empties (the biggest empties so far)


july empties

Hello lovelies,

it seems that being persistent pays off. When the month started, I didn’t think I’d have so many empties, but I’ve determinately stuck with using up the products and the result is here – the biggest empties post so far. Even though there is a lot of small samples, there’s still quite a generous amount of full sized products. Surprisingly, several make-up items are gone, too (among which the unspendable Dior blush). In the light of my pre no-buy haul, I’m glad to have more space.

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June Empties + No Buy Update


june empties

Hello lovelies,

what a match (USA vs. Belgium). It is a shame that both teams couldn’t pass to the next round. Still, it was a pleasure to watch, so I don’t regret staying up late.

Even though it doesn’t seem like it, I didn’t spend a lot of stuff in June. I hope that means that July will be much better. I did, however, manage to make quite a dent in my perfume samples.

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VERSACE Crystal Noir EdT Review


Versace Crystal Noir was the fragrance I hated at first. For some reasons, whenever I sprayed it on the skin in the store, it smelled dirty, as if you haven’t showered and decided to cover it with a strong fragrance.

When I have found by Kilian’s Cruel Intentions, at first I thought that Cruel Intentions was a way classier version of Crystal Noir.

Several years forward, I have found a sample and decided to give it another chance and I’m glad I did, as Crystal Noir today is completely different on my skin.

It opens up like a sweet and spicy oriental, the strongest note to my nose being amber spiced up with the pepper. Soon, it transforms into a floral-fruity composition with a hint of coconut and something that very much reminds me of tiare.

On my skin it dries down like pure amber. There is just a slight touch of musk, but not enough to put me off the scent like it did years before.

It lasts pretty long on the skin – almost like some of mine EdPs.

Currently, I love it very much. The scent is often described as sexy, although to my nose it doesn’t seem so (probably because the musk is barely there on my skin).