November EMPTIES

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Hello lovelies,

approximately a month ago I decided to sort of go through my collection to see what I have to use up and I selected several products. You can read more about it in this and that post. Well, here are November results:

I didn’t spend a single make-up product, but that’s because I didn’t wear a lot of make-up this month. I can say that Artdeco eyeshadows are really, really close to being finished.

I’ve managed to use up Caudalie cleanser, Avene thermal water and Sisley cleansing milk. I like all of them and I’ll definitely repurchase Caudalie cleansing mousse if I need to travel somewhere. I’m always afraid that liquid products will leak, but this is not the case with Caudalie. While I agree that Avene thermal water is very, very overpriced (do they mix it with unicorn tears or what?), I still repurchase a bottle because it is a perfect refreshment during summer. Sisley cleansing milk is something I’ll repurchase if I win a lottery, but I still have a bunch of GWPs, so no hurry:)

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Next I used up Sisley All Day All Year which is a good moisturizer now worth its price (I think it is well over $300), SVR Clarial Peel which is a nice serum/exfoliator, although too weak for my skin, Sisley Hydraglobal which is not so moisturizing overpriced moisturizer (it is great for oily, but not so good for dehydrated skin) and Madre Bees lip balm (nice, although I hate honey scent).

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The last, but not least I used up Sisley Soir de Lune body cream (super strong scent and staying power – great if you like it, bad if you don’t like the scent), Sisley Celuli Pro (super, super overpriced anticellulite treatment). Granted, I only used a sample but honestly, there’s no way that I’ll give over $150 for a 150ml tube of anticellulite product. For that price it should transform my body into Victoria’s secret angels body in only one treatment. There is also Thalgo Crème Thalgomince which isn’t anything special.

Well, this would be it. I’m looking forward to my next empties month. If you have a blog which features empties posts, let me know in the comments because I like to read such posts.

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

Project 10 Pans and Sample Challenge Update #4

It’s been ages from my last update. I can’t believe it took me so long to finally spend all of these products. However, I haven’t been as disciplined when it comes to the new purchases. I’ve got several nailpolishes and a primer. I’m also planning on a foundation purchase (even thought I have half a bottle of Clarins Everlasting and half a bottle of Dior Airflash) if the foundation I’m currently testing proves it is worth it.

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THALGO Moisture Quenching Mask Review

Thalgo Moisture Quenching mask is a moisturizing mask which should be applied in a thicker layer on the dry face, left for 10 minutes and wiped away with a tissue. I adore such masks as they visibly improve the appearance of the skin. Sisley Floral Mask is my favourite for the nights when I barely get 4 hours of sleep (and as the college workload piles up, those nights will be more and more frequent).

The full-size of Thalgo mask (50ml) costs arounud $30, but I have tried only a 5ml sample (which lasted for over 10 uses).

Unlike Sisley Floral Mask, Thalgo Moisture Quenching Mask is a thick white cream. It has a light smell, but it disappears quickly.

The mask is indeed rich – it feels very greasy on the skin, but it hasn’t caused any breakouts (I’ve used it twice per week for almost two months). It won’t sink into the skin immediately – sometimes it took almost half an hour for the mask to be completely soaked into the skin. You have to keep in mind that I never wipe away such masks – I prefer to leave it on overnight as an intensive moisturizing treatment.

Thalgo Moisture Quenching Mask really helps with my dehydrated skin – the skin feels soft and moisturized for days after using the mask.

While it doesn’t transform my skin like Sisley Floral Mask does, it is still very effective and much cheaper that Sisley.


THALGO Ultra-Matte Moisturizing Fluid Review

Thalgo Ultra Matte Moisturizng Fluid promises a matte skin that is at the same time moisturized.

I have a total of 4ml of this fluid and during the week I’ve been using this, I have spent only half.

I was hoping that this might be a much more affordable (and more moisturizing) version of Sisley Tropical Resins Lotion, but alas, it is not.

The fluid has a very light consistency and a light scent. It spreads easily and a little goes a long way. It is mattifying, but only upon the application. The effect unfortunately doesn’t last for a very long time – the maximum is an hour and a half.

It delivers more on the moisturizing part. My skin is oily, but dehydrated and it starts to flake as soon as I use a product which is not very moisturizing. After a week of using Thalgo fluid, my skin is still as normal as it can get. I haven’t noticed any dehydration.

During this period, the fluid didn’t break me out. (If the product is bad for me, I’ll usually break out in the first two days of using it).

I would not recommend this product for oily skin as there are much better products (afore-mentioned Sisley or L’Occitane Rice Fluid) out there. However, this might be a nice choice for someone with normal to combination skin.



Project 10 Pans Samples Challenge

During spring, I’ve made a plan of finally finishing some products from my stash. I haven’t updated it for a while, but it is only because I haven’t managed to spend anything. Later I have also announced a possibility to include more samples in the challenge.

Last week I have finally managed to find some time so I’ve been rearranging my cosmetics storage and I have figured out that I have tons of samples and testers. As I’m a bit afraid that they don’t go bad, I’ve picked several products I would like to spend. Some of these are already reviewed, as I’ve been using them before, but some I’ll have to test for the first time. I will only write a review if the product was tested for at least a week of daily usage.

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