Project 10 Pans: Part 2 – Skincare

I have announced my Project 10 Pans and the rules I’m planning to stick to in this post.

This post will feature all the skincare items I want to finally spend. Most of the items are already half-spent, but for some reason, I got bored with them and put them aside. This project will finally help me to get rid of all that stuff that is wasting the space in my cosmetics cabinet.

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TALIKA Eyelash Lipocils Review

I’ve used this before and I’ve seen some results, but nothing too obvious.

They promise a thicker and longer lashes in 28 days (if used twice a day), and after that you’re supposed to apply it once per day to maintain the results.

The product comes in a white, non-transparent bottle with silver cap. The brush is a bit rough, so those with sensitive eyes should be careful. Lipocils is not as viscous as gel, and you practically don’t see it on a brush (when I first opened it, I almost returned it to the store, thinking that they had sold me an empty product. But then I touched the brush, which turned out to be wet, so I realized that there is nothing wrong with it).

The gel doesn’t irritate my eyes, but still I’m careful not to accidentally put it in the eye.

The final verdict on its effectiveness will be posted in a separate post after one month of using this.


TALIKA Eyelash Conditioning Cream Review

I was shocked when I’ve opened the packaging and found a tiny, tiny jar inside.

The jar contains 3,7ml of  waxy looking cream .

Since the cream doesn’t come with an applicator, it is a real challenge to apply this. Using fingers is not hygienical, so I use an old mascara brush or I take a tiny bit (on the website they claim that only a pin size amount is enough for one eye) with spatula and then apply it with fingers.

It is very greasy and I do not recommend wearing this under the mascara. I usually apply this at night, so that until the morning the cream has sunk in.

I’ll comment about its efficacity (used together with Lipocils) after one month.

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I’m not very satisfied with my eyelashes for some time. Using and removing mascaras every day, no matter how gently, has left the eyelashes much shorter and sparser than they were.

A year ago, I was using Talika Lipocils, which improved the lashes to some point (nothing dramatic), but I didn’t use it regularly.

I was reconsidering Latisse;  however, I decided not to risk a potential side effects.

Today, I got myself several of Talika eyelash growth inducing items. This time I’m going to use it regularly and document the progress (If there’d be any).

I have purchased:

Talika Eyelash Lipocils (smaller, 4,2ml packaging)

Talika Eyelash Conditioning Cream (very tiny jar of 3,6gr)

Talika Eyebrow Lipocils (10ml packaging).

I plan to use Eyebrow Lipocils on the lashes, since it seems that the only difference between Eyebrow and Eyelash Lipocils is in the applicator.

Soon, I’ll post more information about each item I’ve bought in a separate posts, but for now I’ll publish the pictures of my lashes taken today. After a month, I’ll publish another set of eyelash pictures to compare and to determine the effectiveness.

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