Make-up Monday – My Lipstick Collection (Sisley, MAC, Guerlain, YSL, Oriflame)

lipstick collection

Hello lovelies,

in the first installment of Make-up Monday I decided to show you my current lipstick collection and share my impressions.

I am definitely a lipstick person, although I like the convenience of a lipgloss in summer. I prefer creamy, sheer but buildable moisturizing formulas. I’m not so concerned about how long my lipstick will wear as I don’t have a problem reapplying it every half an hour. When it comes to colors, I adore bright pinky-coral and, as you can see, the majority of my collection consists of these shades. I’m not a fan of concealer-beige nude lipsticks so my collection of nude lipsticks gravitates towards meat-coloured pinks.

My all-time favourite lipstick brand, which can do no wrong in my opinion, is Guerlain. I’ve used up tons of their lipsticks and I’m always back for more. I adore creamy formula, moisturizing properties and color range of their lipsticks.

I only have one YSL lipstick, but I don’t think I’ll get more. There’s nothing wrong with the lipstick itself, but I prefer the formula of Guerlain whichs stays creamy, while YSL sort of dries on your lips.

Other bloggers have written odes to MAC lipsticks, but I won’t be one of them (although, they wear well). Again, nothing wrong with the lipstick, but the formula feels too dry on my lips, even though it doesn’t dry them out. On the other hand I adore the shade selection and whenever I find myself at a MAC counter I have a hard time picking up the lipstick. The three shades I currently own were love at first sight.

Sisley lipsticks are on the super high end side of my collection. I have two of them and they are very good, but they don’t make me want to buy more. TBH this is good because the price is $$$$$$$$.

When it comes to budget options, my favourite is Oriflame. They have really stepped up their game and they are affordable (when you buy them on a sale). They are not really long-lasting, but the formula is great. I only hope they will change the scent as I’m not the fan of it.

Here are all 11 of them lined up:

lipstick collection 3

The lipsticks: Guerlain Shalimar, Guerlain Rouge d’Enfer, MAC Lady Danger, Guerlain Nahema, MAC Vegas Volt, Sisley L9, MAC Impassioned, YSL Rose Dahlia, Sisley #11 Sheer Baby, Oriflame Color Drop Rose Elixir, Oriflame Giordani Gold Dusky Nude.

They are swatched in the same order:

lipstick collection 2

lipstick collection 1

Which lipstick colours do you prefer?

xoxo Tamara

100 Days No-Buy Update: Day 28 (72 more to go)

no buy title

Hello lovelies,

It’s been two weeks since my last update so I’m checking in with a new no-buy update. I’m happy to say that even after 28 days, I still haven’t caved in – my no buy is going as strong as it was on the first day. I even added the counter on the sidebar:)

I’ve been busy with creating a world document cosmetics inventory where I listed every single cosmetic item I own (be it full size or sample). To be honest, the numbers are scary and as of today (unless I find more stashed  somewhere in my handbags) I have 349 skincare and make-up products (222 full sized, 61 mini sized, 66 samples). Here it is important to mention that when it comes to eyeshadow, I counted each pan separately – so for example Naked palette counts as 12 eyeshadows, Guerlain quad as 4 etc. I have 55 fragrances (17 full sized and 38 samples), one candle and 300 nail polishes (scary when you realize that 200 were bought in the last three months) and 8 nail treatments. When it comes to nail polish, I’m not sure if I had mentioned it before, but I decided to limit the number of nail polishes I can buy this year to 200.

First two weeks were easy because I mostly stayed at home and I deliberately stayed away from lookfantastic, hqhair, feelunique and eBay (plus they didn’t have any tempting promos). The last two weeks were a bit more difficult – hqhair and lookfantastic stocked Naked 3. Naked 3 is one of the items from my “Allowed to buy” list (together with either Essie Spring and Summer minis or max of 8 ILNP) so I put it in the cart and almost clicked Checkout, even though I didn’t find any discount code. However, I went through my inventory and realized that I have over 100 eyeshadows and clicked little x in the corner instead. I think I’ll get Naked 3 once I put my eyeshadow count under 100.

I was forced to visit drugstores: Kozmo discounted fabric softeners (we always need those) and Muller had Milka chocolates (I’m addicted to Milka with Oreos, yum). I swear I’ve been good and didn’t buy anything but chocolate and fabric softener. Resisting temptation there made me visit dm and BIPA which didn’t tempt me at all. Then I went to Douglas and, while Terracotta powder from Guerlain Holiday collection seemed nice, I didn’t get it. On the other hand Martimex tempted me a lot – they had Meteorites pressed powder which I like 50% off (this one is discontinued), but I managed to talk myself out – after all, I barely touched Meteorites powder I have, not to mention poor Chanel and MAC which lay unloved while I’m attempting to use up Guerlain. I’m really happy that I’ve held up so well. This gives me hope that I’ll manage to stick to my no-buy and finally minimize my collection.

I’ve made a big step towards minimizing my collection by having a bunch of empties in January and I can’t wait to show them. I don’t think I ever had such an amount of finished products.

I’ve mentioned (a billion times) that I can buy ILNP polishes. When the first photos came out, I was so excited because multichromes seemed unique, but I saw some swatches and several multichromes look really close to Dance Legend Chameleons (ILNP Reminiscence = DL Wazowski and ILNP Sirene = DL Sulley). I’m not so sure anymore that I’ll buy them since I prefer Dance Legend (they seem smoother). However, there is definitely one polish worth buying (at least based on the swatches I’ve seen) and it is Kings & Queens which reminds me of Llarowe’s Dirty Diana. On the other hand, Dance Legend will launch holo multichromes in March and I kind of like them, although I’ll have to see more swatches. I think I should have simply put 8 nail polishes allowed, without specifying which brand:)

I know that some of my readers probably started their versions of no-buy or project pan and I would love to hear how your no-buys are going? While preparing for my no-buy I read the first 15 pages that come up in google and found great tips so I’d like to hear other experiences too. Feel free to share your links, I’m sure my readers and I will find them helpful:)

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara



stash 2013 picture 2


Hello dear readers,

finally here’s the post which had to be published a month ago: my make-up collection. When I find more time, I’ll post skincare and nail polish collection pictures too.

Bok dragi čitatelji,

ovo je konačno post koji je trebao biti objavljen prije mjesec dana: moja kolekcija šminke. Ukoliko uspijem pronaći malo vremena, možete očekivati i slike kolekcije preparativne kozmetike i lakova za nokte.

stash 2013 picture

As you know, I’ve been on various sorts of no-buy, low buy and project 10 pans which weren’t as successful as I’d like them to be. Still, compared to the older pictures of my stash, I feel like I haven’t purchased too much stuff the last year. I’m still continuing with a sort of low buy and I have to admit that seeing how much stuff I have, I feel like it’s less likely that I’ll buy more make-up.


Kao što znate, imala sam hrpu perioda zabrane kupnje ili smanjene kupnje kozmetike koji i nisu ispunili moja očekivanja. Ipak, ako usporedim slike kolekcija, čini mi se da prošle godine nisam kupila toliko stvari. Nastaviti ću s projektom smanjene kupnje kozmetie. Moram priznati da, kad vidim koliko stvari imam, prođe me želja za kupnjom još kozmetike.

stash 2013 picture 3

So, here’s my complete make-up collection. As you can see, I’m quite a hoarder. I’ll just briefly mention the products – I won’t write the shade names, because a majority of the products were mentioned in my previous collection posts. If you want to know the exact shade of some product, please ask in comments.

Evo moje potpune kolekcije. Kao što možete vidjeti, jako volim gomilati. Samo ću ukratko imenovati proizvode, bez spominjanja nijansi budući da je većina proizvoda spomenuta u slikama prošle kolekcije. Ukoliko želite doznati ime određene nijanse, slobodno pitajte u komentarima.

stash 2013 all

First we’ll start with eyeshadows. This is my favourite part of make-up and I have ammassed quite a collection. The first picture features my Guerlain palettes + Chanel and YSL palette.

Započeti ćemo sa sjenilima. Sjenila su moj najdraži make-up proizvod i imam ih poprilično. Na prvoj su slici Guerlain, Chanel i YSL palete.

stash 2013 es guerlain

This photo features all of my other eyeshadows (Clarins, Catrice, Inglot, Sisley, Chanel), UD Book of Shadows 2 and Benefit Celebutante palette.

Na ovoj su slici sva ostala sjenila (Clarins, Catrice, Inglot, Sisley, Chanel), UD Book of Shadows i Benefit Celebutante paleta.

stash 2013 es palettes

Next, we’ll continue with lip products. I prefer lipsticks to lip glosses and I almost never use a lip liner. On the far left are Sisley glosses, followed by Guerlain. Next are Sisley lipsticks, Guerlain and Benefit, MAC, Oriflame and finally three Rouge Automatiques. The lip liner is Essence.


Zatim prelazimo na proizvode za usne. Ruževi su mi puno draži od sjajila, a olovku za usne koristim rijetko. Na krajnjoj lijevoj strani su Sisley sjajila i jedno Guerlain. Zatim slijede Sisley, Guerlain i Benefit ruževi, MAC, Oriflame, a na kraju su tri Rouge Automatique. Olovka za usne je Essence.

stash 2013 lips

I don’t have many face products. The foundations are Dior and Sisley, concealers Lancome and Oriflame. There is Inglot Duraline and two primers: Guerlain and Sisley.

Nemam puno proizvoda za lice. Puderi su Dior i Sisley, korektori Lancome i Oriflame. Tu se također nalazi Inglot Duraline i dvije baze za lice: Guerlain i Sisley.

stash 2013 face

Here are powders and highlighters. We start with Guerlain blush which I use as a contour/highlight, Meteorites from holiday collections, Sephora compact powder, more meteorites, cK loose powder, two pressed meteorites and Sisley loose powder.

Ovo su puderi i highlighteri. Na početku se nalazi Guerlain rumenilo koje koristim za konturiranje i osvjetljivanje, Meteoriti iz božićnih kolekcija, Sephora kompaktni puder, još meteorita, cK puder u prahu, dva kompaktna meteorita i Sisley puder u prahu.

stash 2013 powders

Blush is a product which, for some reasons, I have quite a lot of. First is Sisley, then Inglot and Dior (this one is impossible to spend), Guerlain and Sisley. In the second row are YSL and Guerlain bronzers.

Rumenilo je proizvod kojeg imam poprilično, iako ni sama ne znam kako. Prvo je Sisley, zatim Inglot i Dior (ovo je rumenilo nemoguće potrošiti), Guerlain i Sisley. U drugom redu nalaze se YSL i Guerlain bronzeri.

stash 2013 blush

Here are eyeliners and other eye products. There is Chanel Le Sourcil de Chanel, Guerlain eyeliners (liquid and loose), Oriflame mascara and Essence eyeshadow base plus other eyeliners (Essence, Guerlain, UD, Givenchy, Sisley, Sephora)

Ovdje su olovke za oči i ostali slični proizvodi. Možete vidjeti Chanel Le Sourcil de Chanel, Guerlain tekući i eyeliner u prahu, Oriflame maskaru, Essence bazu za sjenila te ostale olovke za oči (Essence, Guerlain, UD, Givenchy, Sisley, Sephora)

stash 2013 eyeliners

In the end here are make-up samples (foundations and primers mostly).

Popis završavam s uzorcima (uglavnom puderi i baze za lice).

stash 2013 makeup samples


Well, that would be it. I do have quite a lot of stuff, but I try to use all of it (of course, not at the same time). I generally create “looks” in which I rotate different products. Anyway, I hope you liked the post:)

Have a great weekend.

Love, Tamara

Evo, to bi bilo to. Znam da imam puno proizvoda, ali trudim se koristiti ih sve (naravno ne istodobno). Uglavnom kombiniram “lookove” tako da izmjenjujem različite proizvode. Nadam se da vam se post svidio:)

Uživajte u vikendu.

Voli vas,


stash 2013 picture 4

Make-up Collection – June Update

Voila! As I have anounced, here is a 6th month make-up collection inventory. When I first took it out of the traincase and the storage box I was shocked by the amount of stuff I have. After taking the photos and putting it neatly, I see that the collection is not as terrifying as it seemed. There are two items missing from the photos: Oriflame Absolute concealer and Benefit Lady’s Choice lipstick. It seems that I have lost them somewhere.

Click for PICTURES


If you are make-up collector, you have probably been faced with the problem: Where to put it?

My stash has evolved a lot – from a small make-up bag to a whole closet.

This post has been pending for a couple of weeks when I’ve been doing a make-up closet inventory and re-organisation.

Read on to see what works for me


My brush collection is something that I have started to expand recently. Up until two years ago I had like 3 brushes: power brush, two eyeshadow brushes and some of the applicators I got with the eyeshadow quads.

My brush collection varies in price: there are expensive high-end brushes next to cheap drugstore one (and I don’t see much difference in quality).

I take care a lot for my brushes – the oldest one in my collection is 10 years old and it is still good as new (even better). I wash them once per week (depending on how much make-up I do that week) with gentle, no-silicone shampoo in lukewarm water.

Currently I have 4 face brushes (but looking to expand it), 11 eye-brushes (not counting the applicators I got with the eyeshadow palettes) and 1 lip-brush (don’t need more).

Click for the COLLECTION


In my Make-up stash inventory post, I’ve promised skincare and body care stash post so here I am, fulfilling my promise.

You can read on my make-up inventory HERE.

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