SAPUNOTEKA Nije Sve Tako Sivo Soap Review

Another amazing soap from Sapunoteka. I’ve been avoiding soaps and instead use shower gels and oils, because they were much more moisturizing.

This soap isn’t drying. It simply cleanses the skin, without being too stripping. However, the soap doesn’t foam up a lot.

This soap has eucalyptus scent. It feels really refreshing, especially now, since the weather is getting warmer. Nevertheless, I have to warn that the scent doesn’t linger. Once you have washed the soap off, there is no scent (or it is extremely weak). Also, the scent of eucalyptus helps when my paranasal sinuses are blocked.

SAPUNOTEKA Kocka Vedrine Soap Review

I’ve wanted to try Sapunoteka (Croatian version of Lush, but without artificial smells) products for ages, but since I’m not too fond of on-line orders, I had to wait until they have opened the store. I’ve only purchased two soaps to try, but I’m looking forward to trying some other stuff.

The soap Kocka Vedrine (A Block of Brightness) is a bright blue soap made of natural oils. The soap lathers slightly – you won’t get much of the foam. Nevertheless, I use it instead of a shower gel and the soap really cleans my skin, without being stripping or drying.

The smell of the soap is amazing – a sweet peppermint and it reminds me of the peppermint candies filled with chocolate. I think that it lavender adds a sweetness to the scent. Unfortunately, the scent doesn’t linger for a very long time. After 30 minutes, I cannot feel it.

Also, the soap must be kept in a very dry place, and I’d suggest you to put in on the paper towel to dry it, because if you don’t, the soap will become very soft and you’ll spend it much faster.