I’ve finally found some free time, so I’ve decided to spent it in the kitchen baking cakes. I have always preferred the home-made sweets to the store-bought ones. I absolutely love brownies; however, today I’ve decided to add a twist to the classic recipe. I was inspired by Dubravica’s chocolate muffins. By the way, the recipe is a family recipe from my mother’s cookbook, but I’m sharing it with you.


400 grams of flour

250 grams of sugar

5 egg yolks

5 egg whites

20 grams of baking soda

110 grams of cocoa powder

100 grams of oil

500 mililiters of milk

OPTIONAL INGREDIENTS (you can add it, but it is not necessary).


chocolate chips

diced walnuts or almonds

The recipe is for 28cm*39cm baking tray and the cake will be approximately 3cm tall.


Sweet Sunday: How to Serve Chocolate Candies

I’m in a pralines (chocolate candy) craze and I’ve made another batch again. This time I’ve decided to try my hand in decorating them, but I have yet to master it. I should probably get some thin brush to make dots and draw lines. I have to master tempering chocolate too – a large majority of the pralines turned out ok, but some still had that whitish cast which signifies that you haven’t managed to temper the chocolate well.

The pralines look very mat. It is because I’ve been making them by slathering the paper cups (similar to those for cupcakes and muffins, but much smaller). I need to buy several moulds – I can’t wait to get some glossy pralines.

For the filling, I have used cream in which I have mixed chocolate and rum. However, I didn’t have enough chocolate, so the filling was very runny. To thicken it a bit, I have put some coconut. I rather like this combination.

Anyway, I’ve had some friends visiting and I’ve wanted to impress them with my culinary abilities, so I’ve chosen to forego the traditional serving on the plate. I was serving other cakes, so I was afraid that the pralines will get lost among other desserts.

Instead, I’ve decided to put the pralines into several champagne glasses (short but wide ones, not the flutes), which were then lined up along the table. It was a success (both the pralines – they didn’t believe that I have made them; and the serving).



I recommend it, especially if you serve other kinds of cakes or any other appetisers on low plates. The glasses are taller and they put the pralines on the spotlight.

This is a nice solution for other small types of cakes, as long as they are not too creamy; or any other smaller snack.

What do you think about the idea?

Bon appétit : )