REVIEW & SWATCHES │Elizabeth Arden New York in Bloom Eyeshadow Trio in Violet Bloom

elizabeth arden eyeshadow trio violet bloom 1 elizabeth arden eyeshadow trio violet bloom

Hello lovelies,

this is the second palette from Elizabeth Arden’s spring 2013 collection – Violet Bloom. This palette is also still available on feelunique for GBP 22 (although this one is often out of stock).

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REVIEW & SWATCHES │Wet’n’Wild Color Icon Palette in Comfort Zone

wet n wild comfort zone

Hello lovelies,

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a bit of an eyeshadow snob. My experience with drugstore eyeshadows haven’t been as good – Catrice is hit or miss, Essence (the ones I’ve tried) is miss – the only nice affordable eyeshadows were Artdeco and Inglot. I’ve heard a lot about Wet’n’Wild eyeshadows – some reviews said they were horrible, some raved about them. With such a varied reviews, I needed to try the eyeshadows to make the decision.

While browsing Wet’n’Wild stand I noticed a nice green duochrome eyeshadow which was a part of Comfort Zone palette. The rest of the shades seemed nice, so I decided to pick the palette. The palette retails for 49,90 kunas (around $9) in Croatia.

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REVIEW │ Elizabeth Arden New York in Bloom Eyeshadow Trio in Viridian Bloom

elizabeth arden eyeshadow trio viridian bloom 2

Hello lovelies,

how often do you buy product just because you like the packaging?

I am a total sucker for pretty packaging so I couldn’t miss this beautiful Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow trio. Even though it is a part of last year’s spring collection I decided to review it since it is still available on feelunique.

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theBalm Shady Lady Special Edition palette swatch & review

Hello lovelies,

how often do you buy make-up based on the packaging?

I have to admit that the packaging is important to me and it certainly influences my impulse purchases. One of such was theBalm Shady Lady Special Edition palette. As a reptile lover, I couldn’t resist the snakeskin print packaging. The palette is available at for GBP26.

thebalm shady lady special edition 1

This palette comes in a cardboard packaging with magnetic closure and a mirror on the flip top. It contains 9 pretty big eyeshadows, each containing 2,2 grams of product. All the eyeshadows belong to the neutral color family and even though it contains cool toned eyeshadows, the overall tone of the palette leans to the warm side.

thebalm shady lady special edition 3

The eyeshadows are dry and very powdery – even a light touch of brush kicks up a lot of powder. I had a bit of fallout during the application. The lighter shades are very pigmented, but two of the darkest shades leave a lot to be desired. All the shades are shimmery and some contain microglitter. The swatches are made on bare skin without the primer.

thebalm shady lady special edition 4

The eyeshadows wear well even without a primer (I have oily lids) – up to six hours. With primer, they stay on until you decide to remove them.

Three shades are eyeshadow/eyeliner shades, while the rest is just the eyeshadow. I didn’t notice any difference in formula.

Let’s go through all the eyeshadows:

thebalm shady lady special edition 7

Envious Erin is a pigmented pale shimmery ivory.

Devilish Danielle is a pigmented shimmery champagne.

Luscious Lani is a pigmented shimmery pink which looks very peachy on the skin.


thebalm shady lady special edition 6

Insane Jane is a shimmery medium dark taupe eyeshadow/eyeliner (tbh, it is a bit light for an eyeliner). It is one of my favourite shade – both color-wise and formula-wise. I’m considering getting a single (if it exists; I can’t find it on feelunique).

Mischievous Marissa is a shimmery copper orange-gold eyeshadow. It has a great pigmentation.

Just This Once Jamie is a shimmery grayish lavender purple eyeshadow. It is the second favourite, although the pigmentation could be a bit better


thebalm shady lady special edition 5 

Feisty Felicia is a shimmery dark, almost black, purple with bright purple and golden microglitter eyeshadow/eyeliner and it is the biggest disappointment in the palette. It looks so pretty in the pan, but the amazingness doesn’t show up on the skin. The base colour isn’t very pigmented – it a splotchy, uneven dark grey. The microglitter doesn’t translate well on the skin – you just get a grey splotch with a sparkle here and there. The colour payoff is too weak for it to work as an eyeliner (unless you use Inglot Duraline or other sealing gel).

Caught in the Act Courtney is a shimmery bronzy brown eyeshadow/eyeliner with golden and bronze sparkly microshimmer. It is another disappointment, albeit not such as Feisty Felicia. The pigmentation is slightly better, although it doesn’t apply super evenly. The glitter is more apparent.

Shameless Shana is another shimmery copper shade, although it looks browner compared to Mischievous Marissa. It has a great colour-payoff.

In spite of the two bad-performing shades, I think it is a great palette. I would like the eyeshadow formula to be closer to the one of Urban Decay, but I can work with it. You just need a super soft brush to apply them. The shades in the palette offer a numerous combinations – from super natural neutral looks to smoky eye.

xoxo Tamara

URBAN DECAY Naked 3 Palette Swatch & Review

ud naked3 1

Hello lovelies,

it is finally mine:) After getting Naked, I wasn’t really into Naked 2 (although I plan to get it one day), but Naked 3 is really right up my alley.

Naked 3 comes in a metal case with mirror. It doesn’t feel as sturdy as I though it will, but it is a definite improvement over the packaging of the original Naked. I have to admit that I hope they repackage all the palettes into a rubbery packaging like Naked Basics.

The palette contains 12 full sized rosy toned eyeshadows – 3 matte, 8 shimmer and 1 glitter. It retails for GBP37. The palette comes with a slightly scratchy dual ended brush. The brush isn’t the best, but it will do.

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URBAN DECAY Naked Basics Palette Swatch and Review

naked basics

Hello lovelies,

I have finally found some time to write down my review of my Naked Basics palette. I took these photos ages ago and they’ve been sitting in my computer folder. I’ve worn the shadows several times to see how they act.

As you probably know, Naked Basics is a 6-shade all matte palette from Urban Decay’s Naked range. If you are from Croatia, you can get Naked Basics (as well as other Urban Decay products) at Beautybay, HqHair or Lookfantastic (if they have it in stock) and it usually retails for 20 GBP.

It comes in a rubberized plastic compact which I find a bit difficult to open. In my case, opening it often includes broken nails. The compact includes the mirror, but you don’t get any other extra freebie like a brush or a mini sized product. Below are two photos for size reference:

As you can see, the Naked Basics is approximately half the size of the original Naked and a bit bigger than a Chanel nail polish bottle.

It contains six shades – 5 are real matte finish while one has satin finish. The shades are: Venus (satin ivory white), Foxy (matte yellow based beige), Walk of Shame (W.O.S. – matte champagne based beige), Naked 2 (matte light taupey brown), Faint (matte dark brown with taupe undertone) and Crave (matte blackened brown). Venus is the satin ivory shade. All shades perform well – they all have an excellent colour payoff, feel buttery smooth, apply and blend easily.

Below are closer photos of the shadows, as well as the swatches:

naked basics swatch

Quality-wise, I cannot find any fault in this palette (other than the packaging which is not easy to open). The eyeshadows are great (like all other Urban Decay shadows). They wear well without a primer, although with my super oily lids I prefer to use a base under the shadows.

However, I have issues with color selection. While I usually prefer to have more lighter than dark colours, I feel as if this palette is not well balanced. The main reason is probably the fact that they decided to limit it to six shades – I think 10 or even 12 shades all matte palette would be more versatile.

Basically, in Naked Basics you get a highlighting colour (Venus), yellow (Foxy) and champagne (Walk of Shame) toned lid colour, one light (Naked 2) and one darker (Faint) crease colour and a dark, almost black shade which you can use instead of an eyeliner (Crave). I can understand having more lid colours to cater warm and cold undertones, but I feel that the palette is missing at least one medium brown – darker than Naked 2, but lighter than Faint which looks darker on the skin than in the pan.

While I would like to see (and buy) a matte palette with versatile colour choice, I still like Naked Basics. Its size make it extremely compact and portable – it fits even the smallest bag. The color selection is very work appropriate, so this might be a great staple if you travel on a lot of business trips.

Do you own any of the Nakeds and how do you like them?

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

URBAN DECAY Naked Palette Swatch and Review (En attendant Naked 3 :) )


Hello lovelies,

as you know, Urban Decay is launching Naked 3 palette. From the Naked 3 review and swatches on Temptalia, it is considerably more pink toned than the two previous and it will be available in the States in November. I’m glad I found out about it because I was debating getting Naked 2 which was, luckily, out of stock and which is very similar to original Naked palette which I have (plus it contains black eyeshadow which I rarely use). When I pay for a palette, I expect to use every shade and this wouldn’t be the case with Naked 2.

naked closed

Okay, back to original Naked palette. It is a very warm toned palette. It comes with a mini version of Urban Decay Primer Potion and an eyeshadow brush.

The brush is okay – it is very soft and applies the makeup well. The palette is made of cardboard wrapped in brown velvet which gets dirty easily and it is hard to clean later. It has magnetic closure.

The palette retails for 37GBP on hqhair, but I got a great deal – Naked and Naked Basic for 56GBP plus 20% off which means I got both palettes for around 45GBP. Unfortunately, such sets aren’t currently available, but feel free to stalk hqhair – they’ll probably restock soon.

Still, even at the full price, it is a great value. The palette contains twelve full-sized Urban Decay eyeshadows in the following shades:

naked back

It is very travel friendly and has a good variety of shades. I’d probably add another lighter eyeshadow and more satin or matte ones, but this palette is appropriate for a variety of looks – from neutral work appropriate look to sexy smokey eye. Here are all the shadows swatched:

naked swatch all

The quality of the eyeshadows is amazing – they are buttery soft and apply like a dream. All the shades are pigmented, although some are more than the other. The shadows wear well with the primer – over 12 hours. It is important to mention that I have super oily lids and without a primer nothing lasts for more than half an hour. With primer, I can get approximately 6-8 hours of wear from other eyeshadows.

The finish of the eyeshadow varies – some are matte, some are pearl, some are shimmer and some have glitter finish. I have separate the shadows in groups of three and I’ll talk more about each eyeshadow.

Virgin, Sin, Naked:

VIRGIN is a satiny light beige. Although it looks like, it is not completely matte. I like to use this shade in the inner corners of my eyes to highlight.

SIN is a pearly champagne with a hint of pink. It is a great highlighting shade.

NAKED is dark beige matte shade. I had no issues with applying it – mattes sometimes can be powdery, but this is not the case with naked.

Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked:

SIDECAR is a shimmery medium bronze brown. Quality wise this is one of my favourite shades. It is so pigmented and easy to apply.

BUCK is a medium dark matte brown. Again no complaints -perfect application and texture.

HALF BAKED is my all-time favourite summer eyeshadow. It is a pearly coppery bronze. I already have this shade in my BOS2, but I’m coming very close to hitting a pan, so it’s great to have a back-up.

Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted

SMOG is a medium dark bronze.

DARKHORSE is a brownish bronze with a bit of shimmer. It is slightly less pigmented than previously mentioned shades, but still very good

TOASTED is a shimmery pinky brown.

Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal

HUSTLE is a shimmery mocha

CREEP shimmery dark grey. This is probably the sheerest eyeshadow in the palette.

GUNMETAL slivery grey with glitter. It has a bit of fall out, but it is great for smokey eye.

Overall, I love this palette, although I’d prefer maybe more not so shimmery/pearly shades and more lighter eyeshadows, since those are the shadows I use the most. It is still a great value and a definite must-have.

Do you own any Naked and are you looking forward to Naked 3?

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara