ESSENCE Nail Art Sealing Top Coat Review


Do you remember how in absolutely every nail polish review I say that I never comment on the longweariness of the nailpolish, as absolutely every nailpolish (high end or drugstore) chips after a day or two.

Well, it seems that all my nailpolishes are of not so good quality, since Essence Nail Art Sealing Top Coat prolongs the wear a lot.

Essence Nail Art Sealing Top Coat comes in a non-transparent bottle (not so good, as you cannot see how much there’s left). As the name says, its purpose is to fix the nail-art desingns (including the nail-art jewellery) on the nail. The bottle has 10ml and it retails for around $3 or 2 euros.

The quality is absolutely superb. With this top-coat, every single nailpolish lasts up to 5 days, sometimes even up to a week, without chipping. It even survives the dish washing.

I have tried even the super-hyped Seche Vite (which peeled off my nails after a day), but it can’t compare to Essence Nail Art Sealing Top Coat.