CHANEL Le Vernis #557 Morning Rose Swatch and Review (Summer 2011)

Morning Rose is a shade released with Chanel Les Fleurs D’Ete Make-up Collection for summer 2011.

The nailpolish bottle contains 13ml of nailpolish and retails fof $25.

Morning Rose is a peachy pink with golden shimmer. One coat is slightly transparent, so I’d suggest putting at least two coats to get an opaque layer. The shimmer is surprisingly big, but it is visible only under a certain angle.

The colour is lovely, appropriate for summer and not too bright. The sparkles of golden shimmer are just enough to make it look unique.


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GUERLAIN Terracotta Skin Healthy Glow Foundation Swatch

Top picture source: Temptalia 

Swatch picture is mine.

Guerlain Terracotta Skin foundation retails for 40 euros for 30 ml. It comes in a tube.

I really don’t know what is the purpose of this product. Last summer Guerlain launched Terracotta Teint d’Ailleurs Tinted Moisturizer. This is a great product which adapts to you skin-colour, giving it a natural bronzy look.

On the other hand Terracotta Skin foundation basically looks like you have put too dark foundation on. As a foundation, it is lovely – the coverage is medium,¸the finish is satin, the foundation stays on for a long time and it is moisturizing. However, unless your skin colour is close to the shade of the foundation, it will look unnatural.

I’m NC15 (at the moment I’m pretty close to NC20) and the foundation looks fake on me. I have to blend it a lot, but even then I cannot get the natural sunkised look. I look like someone who has missed the foundation shade.

Oh, another good thing about this foundation is that is smells slightly like tiare flower. If you are tiare addict (as I have become after trying Guerlain Terracotta Eau Sous Le Vent) you might like it.

I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you are looking for a foundation and the shade matches you.

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DIOR Electric Tropics (Summer 2011) Swatches

Product pictures: from makeupandbeautyblog

Swatch pictures are mine.

I’ve been waiting (and saving money) for Dior Summer collection ever since I saw promo pictures. I’ve almost given up hope that it will arrive in my country (we always get collections a couple of weeks later). I’ve been browsing Chanel polishes, searching for the shade Morning Rose, when the SA told me that the new Dior collection has arrived and they have a gorgeous pink nailpolish. Mind you, I didn’t even listen after having heard that the new collection has finally arrived. I swear I’ve almost started jumping out of happiness (the SA must have thought I have gone insane).

Unfortunately, the collection didn’t live up to the promo pictures. On my shopping list, I’ve had both eyeshadow quints, lighter bronzing powder, Nude glow and at least one Crystal gloss. You can imagine my disappointment when all this products turned out to be nothing special.

Keep in mind, the products are far from being bad, but nothing stands out. I won’t be grading the products, as I haven’t tested them properly, but I’ll give my first impressions for every product.


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GIVENCHY Le Prismissime 9-Colors Eyeshadow #61 Acid Lights Swatch

Top picture source: Temptalia

All other pictures are mine.

Givenchy Le Prismissime 9-Colours Eyeshadow is the star item of Givenchy Acid Summer Collection.

The compact contains 9 eyeshadows (the size of each eyeshadow is approximately 1×1 centimeter). The compact contains the mirror and 3 brushes in the special drawer underneath the eyeshadows.The palette retails for $62.

The palette contains the following shades:

1st row: rosy bronze (swatches almost like orange), sky blue, turquoise

2nd row: matte purple, pearly white, bright yellow

3rd row: grass green, turquoise green, brown

The quality of the shadow varies depending on the shade. The palette offers a variety of finishes: some are more matte (purple, sky blue, turquoise – but neither is completely matte), some are slightly shimmery (yellow, rosy bronze, turquoise green, brown, grass green, white). *Flash swatch emphasize shimmer, while the swatch taken without flash emphasizes matte*

The most pigmented shades are turquoise, purple and yellow.

White, turquoise green and rosy bronze are not as vibrant as before mentioned shades, but they are silky and still offer a decent pigmentation.

Sky blue and brown eyeshadow do not apply evenly.

Grass green is the worst shade in the palette. It is incredibly sheer (I really had to pack it on in the swatch) and chalky.

Keep in mind that none of the shades applied on the skin is not as bright as it is in the compact. Nevertheless, this palette seems as a nice product to have if you like to wear bright colours from time to time. Those who are really into bright colours might find the palette not bright enough. However, this might be a nice introduction to the bright coloured eyeshadow as the shades are not too bright to be putting off to someone who is used to neutrals.

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GIVENCHY Gelee d’Interdit Lipgloss Swatch and Review (Acid Summer Collection)

Top picture source: Temptalia

Other pictures are mine.


On the promo pictures, Givenchy Acid Summer collection was bursting with bright colours. Reality is not as bright.

Here are swatches of the new Givenchy lipgloss from Acid Summer (Summer 2011) collection.

You can click here for the Le Prismissime Acid Lights eyeshadow palette swatch.

Givenchy Gelee d’Interdit lipgloss retails for 25 euros.

The glosses seem so vibrant and intense in the tube and I really thought that they would seem so on the lips. However, what you get with most of the shades is clear gloss with some glitter.

I haven’t swatched all the shades, because they were not available at the counter, but those that are swatched are very disappointing.

I have swatched:

#1 Tempting Rouge. There’s nothing tempting in this shade. It is a bright jelly red in the tube, but on my NC20 skin it is almost transparent. I have thought that this might be very similar to Chanel Aqualumiere in Party Red, but it is not as nearly pigmented and it didn’t swatch evenly. The little colout you can see is there because I swatched it very heavily (at least four coats).

#5 Explosive Raspberry. This shade is actually among pigmented ones (even thought it is heavily swatched). It is a bright pink (slightly on the colder side) with glitter.

#6 Frozen Rose. Again, one of transparent shades with lots of glitter.

#7 Blooming Pink. The best shade in the range (and the only one worth getting IMHO). It is rose pink colour (on thte warmer side) with glitter. This is the most pigmented shade among the swatched ones.

#8 Electric Purple. Again, nothing electric about it. It is transparent (although whan I packed it on, I could see a hint of lilac) with tons of glitter.

#9 Neon Orange. Almost-transparent orange with glitter.

#12 Elegant Nude. Warm beige-pink shade. It is not very pigmented, but it is neither transparent.

On the lips, the lipgloss is slightly sticky and moisturizing. The lipgloss gives a shiny, jelly-lips effect, but in most cases it looks like a transparent gloss with glitter. The lipgloss stays on the lips for 2 hours.

To sum up: among the 7 shades I have swatched, only one is decently pigmented, 2 shades are so-so, and 4 are practically transparent.

While this is a good quality lipgloss, the lack of colour is the problem which I cannot overlook.

Overall impression:


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DIOR Electric Tropics Summer 2011 – complete collection

SOURCE: makeupandbeautyblog

I’ve already written about the nailpolishes that will be launched as a part of Dior Summer 2011 collection.

Here is the rest of it:

Dior Addict Crystal Gloss in Fuchsia, Light Pink, Peach and Petal Pink

Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow in Rosy Tan and Rosy Nude

Dior Healthy Glow Summer Powder in Aurora and Sunset

Dior Nude Glow Healthy Glow Summer Fluid in Transparent Light and Transparent Medium

Dior Nude Glow Natural Glow 

Dior Vernis in Aloha and Paradise.

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CHANEL Les Fleurs d’Ete Summer 2011 Collection Preview


The collection will contain:

Le Vernis in Beige Petale (beige rose), Mimosa (yellow) and Morning Rose (pink)

Soleil Tan de Chanel in Bronze Rose and Bronze Corail

Levres Scintillantes lipgloss in Aurore (peach), Pink Peony (pink) and Pensee (coral)

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