LUSH Porridge Soap Review

Lush Porridge soap retails for $7 for 100 grams.

The soap has a very sweet scent (I like it very much) and it contains a lot of oats. In fact, there is more oats than the actual soap so you can expect it will spend quickly. In order to avoid this, I have cut the soap in several smaller pieces (each piece is approximately 2,5cm*5cm and 0,5cm thick)

I have purchased it primarily for the oats pieces, hoping that it will work fine as a gentle exfoliator. However, the oats pieces are too big to exfoliate. In the end, I ended up with an irritated and scratched skin. The fact that this soap is very drying didn’t help, too. My skin was very dried out.

The soap doesn’t lather well – as I’ve mentioned there is too much oats. Also, the product is very messy – the oats from the soap will end up everywhere.

I’ll probably use up the rest of the soap on the feet, but no more Lush soaps for me.



LUSH Tea Tree Water Review

Every now and then I wander in the Lush store and buy tons of soaps, bath products and other stuff. Very soon, most of this stuff lies forgotten somewhere in the skincare cabinet. After several months I repeat it all again. I do not care about their “all natural” claims, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who cannot resist their products. All of them look cute and smell absolutely irresistible.

I’ve purchased the toner because I liked how it came in a spray bottle. The toner is available i three sizes: 100ml, 250 ml and 500ml. Luckily, I’ve purchased the smallest size. I cannot imagine what would I do with half a litre of it.

Tea Tree toner is absolutely the worst toner I have ever used. I don’t know what it is supposed to do, but I’m sure that it should not cause redness, irritation and breakouts. I’ve been using it every day for three months, and the whole time my skin was in horrible condition. I don’t think I’m sensitive to tea tree oil, because I’ve been using tea tree products before, without any negative reaction.

The only thing I like about this toner is the smell (very fresh) and the spray bottle. If you decide to purchase this, I suggest you to take a smaller bottle to test it.

Overall impression: