June Empties + No Buy Update


june empties

Hello lovelies,

what a match (USA vs. Belgium). It is a shame that both teams couldn’t pass to the next round. Still, it was a pleasure to watch, so I don’t regret staying up late.

Even though it doesn’t seem like it, I didn’t spend a lot of stuff in June. I hope that means that July will be much better. I did, however, manage to make quite a dent in my perfume samples.

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LOOK BY BIPA Metallic Hologram Swatch and Review

bipa metallic hologram

Hello lovelies,

Today I’ll talk about a nail polish which I bought years ago and which was supposed to be a limited edition, but I have recently found it in drugstores – it is Look by Bipa in the shade Metallic Hologram. When I first saw it, I thought it was super unique so I immediately got 2 bottles. I rarely buy back-ups but looking back, this was a good idea as one bottle is almost finished.

The shade is not holo, at least not what I think a holo should look like, but it is incredible. It is more like a greyish green to pinkish brown duochrome with a shimmer (which is not fully holo, but flashes in green, yellow and orange colour). The shimmer is very tiny and on the nails it looks like a duochrome.

The nail polish isn’t very pigmented so expect to use 3 coats. One coat is good for layering, for example over black. It wear is good – 3 days.

If you like the colour, this nail polish is definitely worth getting because I haven’t found anything similar to it so far. The closest seems to be 2% Butterscotch Ripple by Indigo Bananas, but this one is darker with biggers shimmer particles and more holo.

Danas ću recenzirati lak koji sam kupila prije nekoliko godina (bio je dio ograničenog izdanja), a koji sam opet nedavno nasal u BIPI. Radi se o Look by Bipa laku u nijansi Metallic Hologram. Kada sam ga prvi put ugledala, činio mi se toliko jedinstven da sam odmah kupila i rezervnu bočicu (ne kupujem reserve često, ali se to polazalo kao dobar potez, jer sam pri kraju s jednom bočicom).

Iako mu u imenu stoji Hologram, nijansa nije holo, ali je svejedno prekrasna. Ovaj bih lak prije nazvala duochromom koji prelazi s zelenkasto sive na rozo-smeđu i koji sadrži sitni zeleni, žuti i narančasti shimmer. Shimmer je jako sitan i, ukoliko se ne gleda baš izbliza, lak na noktima izgleda kao duochrome.

Lak nije jako pigmentiran, tako da za potpuno prekrivanje treba staviti tri sloja. S druge strane, jedan sloj dobro izgleda ako ga se stavi preko tamnije bazne boje (npr. crne). Dobro se drži na noktima – traje tri dana.

Ukoliko vam se boja sviđa, ovaj lak definitivno preporučujem jer zaista nisam vidjela ništa slično. Najbliže bi bio 2% Butterscotch Ripple Brenda Indigo Bnanas, ali on je tamniji, shimmer je veći i jači je holo.

Swatches (3 coats):

bipa metallic hologram 3


bipa metallic hologram 2


bipa metallic hologram 1

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

My NAIL POLISH Collection


I have been away for several days, so to make it up, I have decided to show you my steadily growing nail polish collection (which should have been posted with my make-up collection a couple of months ago).

As I’ve caught myself many times wanting the polishes which are practically dupe of some other polish I have, I found some time and took photos of the polishes in my collection which I have sorted according to colour.

I can already see the benefits, as I have slowly composed the list of the shades I need to have.

I wanted to add the links to the polishes I’ve already swatches, but the computer I’m currently using is incredibly slow (and it is adsl). I can’t believe that my blog logs faster on dial-up connection.


So, here’s the collection (names are from left to right):


The first picture in the post contain some of my pinks:

Chanel Morning Rose, Inglot 343, Chanel Marilyn, Catrice Raspberry Fields Forever, YSL 19, Catrice Big Spender Wanted, YSL Rose Lunaire



White and berry

Inglot 202, Rimmel French Ivory, YSL 12; Catrice Let’s Talk About Barrie, YSL Rose Pourpre


Light Pink

Catrice Just Married, Sephora Pink Agate, YSL Perle Rose, Catrice Miss Piggy Reloaded, Bourjois 14, Chanel Rose Cache, Bourjois Beige Glamour


Oranges, Coral, Red

Catrice Salmon & Garfunkel, Catrice Pimp My Shrimp, Max Factor Diva Coral, Catrice Bloody Mary To Go, Golden Rose Classics (I don’t know the shade number)



Catrice Marilyn & Me, L.A. Girl Garnet, Catrice Caught on the Red Carpet, Max Factor Ruby Fruit



Catrice Let’s Mauve On, Catrice Plum Play With Me, Max Factor Fantasy Fire, Carla Cosmetics (I don’t know the shade name), Catrice Iron Mermaiden


Taupe and Black

Max Factor Cappuccino, Catrice Clay-Ton My Hero, Catrice Lost in Mud, Catrice Captain Sparrow’s Boat


Gold and Silver

Max Factor Ivory, Chanel Gold Shimmer, Catrice In The Bronx, Inglot 207, Look by Bipa Metallic Hologram, Golden Rose 69



Catrice Sold Out Forever, Look by Bipa Green Changer, Catrice After Eight



Illamasqua Rain Drops, Deborah 56, Sephora Bleu Sapphire, Catrice (from one L.E, l don’t know the shade name).



The following shades are on my wishlist:

dark blue (something like Chanel Blue Satin)

crème turquoise (like Chanel Riva or one of Max Factor minis)

non opaque jelly pastel yellow


medium dark grey

purple – like Chanel Paradoxal (or Rimmel dupe)

medium dark forrest green

bright orange (like that from Dior 2011 summer collection – I think it was named Aloha)

orange red (like Catrice Fred Said Red)

dark chocolate brown

lilac pink (like Chanel Lilac Sky or Rodeo Drive)

berry pink (like Chanel Gondola)

Thank you for reading:)



LOOK BY BIPA Special Effect Nail Polish Green Changer


The Special Effect Nail polish collection is a limited edition collection featuring 10 shades. The bottle contains 5 ml and it retails for around 2 euros ($2,5). It available only in Bipa drugstores.



The colour Green Changer is a duochrome which goes from teal blueis green to antique gold. It looks like a very close Chanel Peridot dupe, but Peridot is more sheerer greenish gold.

Depending on the angle, Green Changer goes from true antique gold, to yellowish gold and green to teal blue-green.



I won’t comment on how long it lasts on the nails, because without a top-coat, every nail polish chips on my nails after a day or two.

The shade itself is pigmented – I have swatched only one coat which gave the full coverage of the nail (Peridot is more transparent – I’ve tested it in the store and I needed 2 coats to get an opaque layer).

Green Changer is not 100% dupe – in the bottle they look very similar (Green Changer being a tad greener), but on the nail you can see the real difference. Peridot is less streaky and not as metallic as Green Changer. When you look at Peridot you see more shimmer, while Green Changer turns out as a pure metallic polish.

They are in the same colour family, but they are very distant cousins. However, if you like Peridot, but are not willing to spend $25+, you might find Green Changer a decent replacement.

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Look by Bipa Haul


You surely remember Chanel’s fall collection and the three nail polishes (the most famous one was Peridot – greenish gold duochrome). I liked the polish, but not enough to buy full-sized bottle.

Bipa drugstore launched (under their store brand Look by Bipa) Special Effect nail polish collection which features shimmery, metallic and duochrome polishes.

I mention this because two of the polishes from their collection could pass as Chanel Peridot dupe. I have purchased the polish under the name Green Changer (green to gold duochrome), which is very similar to Peridot, but not 100% dupe. There is another polish in the collection: Gold Changer (I think I’ll purchase it, too) – which is also green to gold duochrome, but more on the golden side. This one is almost identical to Peridot. If I buy it, I’ll post the pictures quickly.

I have purchased also another shade: Metallic Hologram. This one has silvery green and dirty purpleish pink glitter – very pretty in the bottle, but sheer on the nails. I’d suggest it for layering.

For your information, these are the shades (only descriptions, I’m not 100% sure about the names):

– metallic violet

– metallic blue

– shimmery/glittery silver

– metallic silver

– glittery silver, but with matte finish

– Metallic Hologram

– Green Changer

– Gold Changer

– Bronze Changer (green to bronze duochrome)

The polish contains 5 ml and retails for less than 2 euros (around $2,5).