HYGIEIA Zincia Cleanser Review

This is my favourite cleanser.

A 200ml bottle retails for approximately $6. The bottle is ugly (I’m hoping they are going to repackage this) and it is not very practical. On the top, there is a flip cover which breaks easily. However, I always transfer it to a pump bottle (you can even purchase those pretty liquid soap pump bottles).

The texture is gel-like and the cleanser foams up slightly. When I wear make-up, I use it after I have removed the make-up with cleansing milk, because I do not think that it would be enough to remove all of the make-up. If I’m not wearing any make-up, Zincia cleanser is enough.

The cleanser is very gentle, it is not irritating. It doesn’t bother me if it gets into the eyes. It cleanses my skin and leaves it soft.

The cleanser contains zinc oxide (it supposed to be very good for acne prone skin) and its pH is 4.2.

This is by far the best cleanser I’ve ever had. I rarely repurchase skincare products, even if they are good, because I always want to try something new, but this is one of the rare products I’ve repurchased several times and I think it says enough about how much I love it.

Overall impression:

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