august favourites

I’ve been away this past weekend so I put blogging aside, but I’m back again and I want to show you the products I’ve been loving the past month.

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PROJECT │ Nail Polish purge / Nail Polish Project Pan

np purge

Hello lovelies,

during the period of only a couple of months my nail polish collection has tripled and, as it usually happens, I found out that I have a lot of dupes. When I first got into nail polish, I bought polishes from various brands because I wanted to test various formulas. At the moment, several brands stood out as offering either great colours and/or great formulas. For this reason, I thought it would be a good idea to clear out my collection to make more space for new nail polishes.

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SWATCH │ Glitter /Flakies Top coats (Zoya, OPI, Golden Rose and Debby)

debby zoya golden rose opi

Hello lovelies,

I wasn’t really sure what title to put on this post – top coats in my head means a sheer polish you put on top of your manicure to give it shiny appearance – while nail polish is not something I’d use for the following products, as they do not look good on its own.

Basically, today I’m going to show you swatches of Zoya Monet, OPI Nothing Mousie ‘bout it, Golden Rose Jolly Jewels #101 and Debby #37.

All these nail polishes require, in my opinion another nail polish as a base because otherwise they look bad.

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SWATCHES │Golden Rose Fantastic Color Nail Polish (144, 180, 184)


Hello lovelies,

it’s time for another group swatch post. Today I’ll be showing three Golden Rose Fantastic color nail polishes. I am a huge fan of Golden Rose – they always bring out affordable and trendy nail polishes. They have several ranges of nail polish – my favourite being Rich Color and Paris, with Fantastic Color coming third. However, I’m not a fan of Paris bottle shape – they are not easy to store and they take a lot of space. Fantastic Color range, on the other hand, comes in a more user-friendly bottle.

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Summer Neon Pink Nails with GOLDEN ROSE Paris #92 and #248 Nail Polishes (Swatches)

Hello lovelies,

as you could see from summer collection launches, summertime is neon polish time. These two Golden Rose nail polishes aren’t neons in the full sense (they are do not dry matte), but they are pretty bright.

Both shades have a semi-sheer jelly formula – even after three coats, the nail line was still visible; however, this is the characteristics of this type of formula. They applied evenly. I used 3 coats for the swatches.

#92 is a bright warm pink.

#248 is a bright pink, but with a hint of purple (which is more prominent once you put it next to #92).

I have to mention that I really dislike the triangular shaped bottles; other than being inconvenient to store, they are a bit difficult to open.

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

NOTD: Glitter gradient manicure with Born Pretty Store Glitter Set

bps glitter set

Hello lovelies,

I apologise for my absence which was due 2014 FIFA World Cup and Formula 1 being on the same weekend. I’ve spent the whole weekend in front of the TV and currently I’m waiting for the USA vs. Portugal match and I’m trying to figure out how to watch two matches simultaneously tomorrow.

Now, let’s go back to what this blog is about. Several weeks ago I received the items I’ve picked from Born Pretty Store and this 12 Bottle set of glitter* was among them. The iridescent glitter is available in many shapes – small glitter dust, hexagonal glitter, shape glitter, caviar pearls, stripe glitter and rhombus shaped glitter. Ever since I’ve gotten into nail polish I wanted to try out glitter dust and I’ve spent hours browsing the e-bay in my search, but all the results turned out to be too expensive and/or not offering a nice color variety for something I might not like.

born pretty glitter set size

This set contains twelve tiny bottles and retail for $4.12. Even thought the bottles are pretty small, each contain more than enough of glitter. The glitter in my set slightly differs from the one on the site which might be due to monitor calibration. Anyway, I received the following colors: silver, yellow, green, purple, white, red, gold, turquoise, bright pink with cold undertone, orange, bright pink with warm undertone and dark blue. You can get it here and you can use my code TSG10 for 10%off.

born pretty glitter storage

I decided to store the bottles in a tiny jewelry box – I removed the padding and the box turned out to be the perfect size for the bottles. This way I can keep them all in one place.

Now, onto the manicure.

bps glitter notd 1

At first I planned to use the glitter over white, but in the last moment I picked Golden Rose Fantastic Color in #152. I used a flat nail art brush from e-bay to apply the glitter. I tapped the glitter, trying to create the gradient. I used yellow, orange, pink and purple glitter. I wasn’t sure how the glitter will react with the top coat, so I snapped several photos of the mani without the top coat. It’s a good thing that I did it as the top coat dulled the colour of the glitter – the iridescence makes them lean to the green side – the top coat has made this feature even more prominent.

No top coat:

bps glitter notd


bps glitter notd 3

bps glitter notd 2

With top coat.

bps glitter notd with topcoat

I like how this manicure turned out, especially without the top coat when my nails look as if I dipped them in sugar.

xoxo Tamara

Golden Rose Fantastic Color #152 Swatch & Review

golden rose fantastic color 152 3


here’s a quick swatch of a black Golden Rose nail polish

FORMULA and APPLICATION: Slightly thick and very pigmented. One coat is enough to use as a base under multichromes, but I like to add a second coat just to make it even.

COLOUR and FINISH: A deep black crème. It is super shiny even without a top coat.

MY COMMENT: I am pleasantly surprised by this nail polish. I bought it only to use it under multichromes (Chanel Black Satin is a bit too expensive for this purpose), but it performs even better than Chanel.

Here are the swatches: 2 coats, no black or top coat

golden rose fantastic color 152


golden rose fantastic color 152 2


golden rose fantastic color 152 1

xoxo Tamara