august favourites

I’ve been away this past weekend so I put blogging aside, but I’m back again and I want to show you the products I’ve been loving the past month.

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NEW IN │ Pre-100 Days No-buy Shopping (Caudalie, La Roche Possay, Yves Rocher, Catrice, Ciate and more) Part 1

newin july

Hello lovelies,

finally the majority of items I’ve ordered in a tiny time frame of 2 days have arrived. I’m still waiting for several nail polishes, which should hopefully arrive soon, as well as some Emma Hardie and other skincare products. After all, it’s been over 3 weeks. I think that once they arrive I’m finally set.

Now, let’s see what I’ve got so far.

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april empties all

Hello lovelies,

here’s another round of epic empties. I thought about separating it into two posts, but then I decided to squeeze it all here.


april empties makeup

Oriflame Very Me Preppy Chic eyeshadow – I didn’t actually spend it – it fell out of the pan. I managed to put it in, but when I touched it with a brush, it fell apart like this:

april empties es

Life’s too short to waste it on a ruined eyeshadow.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in Pink Dahlia – I love the color, but I’d prefer more moisturizing formula.

Oriflame Color Drop in Rose Elixir – I liked it – it is moisturizing, the shade is nice. The only thing that bugs me is the small amount you get in a bullet.

Oriflame Giordani Gold Jewell in Dusky Nude is another nice nude lipstick.



april empties body

Oriflame Silk Beauty Body Cream is a holy grail. I love everything about it – the formula, the scent and the price. I definitely need to repurchase it.

Dead Sea Shower Gel (2x)– ok shower gels

Nivea Cream – I can’t believe that I still haven’t written a review about it. I always have a jar of it – it is a must have during winter. I use it all over the body and it instanty repairs and soothes dry, damaged skin.

SunDance Self Tanning Spray – I didn’t finish it because it sucks. Actually, I suck at applying spray self tanner. I used it only once and ended up all patchy. Good thing is that it doesn’t stink – it has a surprisingly nice smell for a self tanner. The spray is transparent and sinks immediately so I couldn’t see where I put it. I thought I did fine until the tan developed. Well, I wore long trousers for two weeks. I guess spray tanners are not for me.

Kerastase Ciment Anti-Usure is very close to becoming a holy grail. It makes my hair very soft. My hair is currently super damaged (need haircut, ASAP) but it managed to keep it in a nice condition.

Lancaster Tan Deepener is another product I’m throwing out. I used up half of it two years ago and then I didn’t use it at all last summer. Since it is opened for such a long time, I though the best would be to throw it away.


april empties

Sisley Eau Efficace is a very expensive cleansing water. It is not bad, but there are equally good (If not better) cheaper cleansing water.

Garnier Essentials Rose Extract Toner – I thought this might be a good dupe for Sisley Floral Toning Lotion, but I don’t like the toner as much. It is not bad, but it didn’t make my skin feel moisturized like Sisley did.

Olaz Regenerist Serum is nothing special. It is a thicker, yellowish serum with a tiny micro shimmer (not visible on the face). I did not feel it did much for my skin. I definitely won’t repurchase.

Sisley Ecological Compund is an ok light moisturizer. I might repurchase it.

Sisley Lyslait – a good but expensive cleansing milk.

april empties face

Sisley Intensive Day Cream – damn you Sisley for making this. This is very close to becoming my holy grail moisturizer (if it weren’t for a $300 price tag). It makes my skin moisturized and instantly fixes flaky parts. My skin has never looked as nice as it did while I was using it, but I have yet to talk myself into giving this amount of money for a basic moisturizer.

Sisley Tropical Resins Complex – I used it ages ago and I think they did a bit of reformulation, at least when it comes to scent. The full size product I had certainly didn’t smell so strong of slivovitz. Other than the scent, it worked well – it kept me mattified without being to drying.

Nuxe Contour des Yeux Prodigieux is a nice eye contour cream. I’d recommend it for first wrinkles/dehydration lines – it is light and moisturizing. I don’t think I’ll repurchase it, though. I am currently using Caudalie, which I like more.

Avene TriAcneal is a cream I don’t think I’ll repurchase. This cream was launched to replacec Diacneal which I liked more. I feel as if TriAcneal didn’t do anything for me.

Sisley Sisleya Global Firming Serum is an expensive moisturizing serum. Definitely not worth the price, IMHO.



april empties fragrance

Oriflame Amethyst Fatale – I don’t like the scent at all – it is too unremarkable.

Valentino Rock’n’Rose – I have no idea why I liked it several years ago. It is another bland, characterless scent, made to appeal a huge number of customers. It is a light floral with a hint of rose.

Cartier Eau de Cartier is a slightly citrusy, but otherwise unremarkable scent.

Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio smells like the ‘90s. It’s like a baby of Lancome Tresor and Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey. I don’t like such a floral-aquatic type on my skin.

Lidl Suddenly Madame Glamour is my favourite daytime scent. I often use it when I need to use fragrance, but I don’t want to spend my good stuff. The scent is very similar to Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle and a true bargain at $6 for 50ml. Unlike Coco Mademoiselle EdT which turns fruity, this develops richer oriental notes on my skin. Yes, I will repurchase it.





2014 TOTAL


MINI: 27


xoxo Tamara

December Shopping

svr shopping

Hello, dear readers,

I hope you are doing well:)

I apologise for ignoring my blog, but the last week was really busy. Saturday was supposed to be the highlight of the week, but heavy snow kind of ruined some of my plans. Today was the perfect day – sunlight and white snow all around – and I have spent the better part of the day being out acting silly like I was five instead of twenty-five.

Still, I had some time to do some shopping and here’s what I got.

My favourite pharmacy finally had 20% off of SVR which was my chance to get Chronolys eye cream (full price cca $20) and Clarial concentrated peel with 20% glycolic and 10% citric acid. The full price of the peel is cca $48.

I generally wear lipsticks and lip glosses instead of a lip balm, but I can’t wear a lipstick to bed. So I got Apivita propolis lip balm. It retails for approximately $10.

One product is not on the picture: Eveline 3 in 1 top coat. I’ve heard many good things about it, but I haven’t tried it yet. If it is anything like their Nail Treatment, I’ll be pretty satisfied.

The last product is Garnier Color Naturals permanent hair dye. As I get older, my hair gets darker, so from being a dark ashy blonde several years ago, I ended up being medium brown. I believe that my natural hair colour makes me look older, so I was looking for a way to refresh it. Originally, I planned on going lighter red (something between the colour Lindsey Lohan had and the shade Christina Hendricks has). Then I saw one of my colleague wearing a similar shade and it made her look older, so no red for me.

In the end I have picked out the shade 8.1 Natural Light Ash Blond. I don’t expect to get the shade similar to the shade the model wears on the box, but I hope that it will lighten my shade for two or three shades without making it look too yellowish.

Another good news is that I’ll finally visit a town with a MAC store. I have no idea what I’m going to get – I want to see if they have something similar to Urban Decay Half Baked eyeshadow or if they have a nice highlighter that is neither too shimmery nor too frosty. Feel free to recommend me if you think that something is a must-have product.

I hope you’ll have a great week:)

FINISHED! September Edition

September was a really slow month when it comes to the products I have spent. I also have to brag myself a bit and say that, with the exception of Essie nail polish (shade Recessionista) I haven’t bough any single product, be it make-up or skincare, since August 10th. That’s almost two months of an unintentional no-buy. It wasn’t so hard – I simply didn’t think about it at all.

Anyway, I’m planning on having a huge shopping spree – I need some Vitamin C serums, glycolic acid peel and something with Retinol. I’m kind of low with the body-care products, too, and I’m planning to raid Yves Rocher store.

Also, Sisley has launched new blushes in the trashiest packaging possible (the plastic cover with zebra pattern) but I’m in love with the coral shade.

Next, I’m gathering the courage to get my hair cut – I haven’t been at the hairdresser for over two years (because of the very traumatic experience) and my hair is in horrible condition. I’ll have to cut off at least 10 to 15 centimeters and I just need to find a reliable salon. This also means that I’ll have to get some hair-care products.

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GARNIER Essentials Eye Remover Review


I’ve heard so many raves about this eye-make up remover, but after using it, I was pretty disappointed.

It comes in a 250ml bottle with a flip opening. IT is really cheap, I think around $4 in Croatia.

I generally wear a lot of eye-make up (primer, several eyeshadows, liner and mascara), so I’m always looking for the perfect remover which will take off all the make-up without unnecessary scrubbing. Since it claims that it removes waterproof make-up, I have thought that Garnier Essentials will be perfect.

However, it didn’t impress me. I need a lot of remover and even then, the make-up isn’t completely gone. Even though it claims that it is for sensitive eyes, it managed to irritate my eyes (which aren’t sensitive at all).

What this is good for is to use it to remove eye-shadow fallout or to do clean-up after applying eye make-up.

It is a “won’t buy anymore” for me because it seems that it works on removing eyeshadow, but it fails when faced with non-waterproof mascara and liner.

GARNIER Natural Beauty Granatapfel und Bierhefe (Pomegranate and Yeast) Shampoo Review


The shampoo comes in a 300ml bottle and retails for around $2. I have tried several shampoos from the Natural Beauty range and so far I’m the least safisfied with this one.

The shampoo has a thicker gel-like consistency. Upon application if foams up pretty well. It has a nice, mild scent which doesn’t linger for too long.

On the bottle it says that the shampoo is voluminzing. I have to admit that I haven’t noticed that my hair is more voluminous than it normally is when I was using this shampoo.

My main issue with this shampoo is that it leaves my hair feel very brittle, like it is drying it out too much. I don’t expect super-soft hair – if I want it, I’ll use a hair mask or conditioner, but with this shampoo my hair feels much drier than usually.

And another problem is with the cap of the shampoo – it is pretty hard to open, so I always damage my nails by trying to open it.

However, there is somehting this shampoo is great for and that’s washing make-up brushes. A little is necessary and my brushes are cleand and soft. I might repurchase it for this purpose.