What’s in my Handbag

wimb bag

Hello lovelies,

What’s in my bag is a tag that’s been forever around youtube and blogs, but I never managed to find some time to do it. Yesterday I’ve been cleaning and clearing out my bag and thought “there’s no time like today”. When it comes to handbags, I prefer sturdy, structured bags with a lot of compartments (I don’t know why, since I always squeeze everything in one compartment, while the rest remain empty) which can carry a lot of heavy items.

The bag I’m currently wearing is by a brand Carpisa and I bought it recently (you can see it here). The majority of my older bags were from Mango, but for some time I seem to be unable to find anything decent looking there. Zara bags look too expensive for the quality (at least the nicer ones) and H&M look as if they’ll fall apart the moment I put all my stuff in. In the end, I picked Carpisa – I have their suitcases and they have held up well, so I hope that the bag will follow their example. The full price of my bag was 344 kn (around $65), but I got it 50% off.

wimb bag closeup

It is not genuine leather, but the finish reminds me of saffiano leather finish, which is a definite plus in my book because the bag won’t scratch easily. On the top photo you can see the finish of the material. It is plain looking, but it has everything I want in a bag: an extra strap, 3 big compartments + a lot of tiny pockets for your phone and similar things. The stiches look strong and well done, so I hope I’ll get a lot of wear from this bag.

Let’s see what I carry with me during winter.

wimb wallets

1. Wallet (Carpisa) – the material is similar to that of a bag. It has enough card compartments, as well as small coin compartment.

2. Etui (Guliver) – this etui houses my phone (Sony Xperia), but my type is smaller and I have problems finding a case which fits. THis etui is a bit too big for my phone, but I usually squeeze a pack  of Kleenex there too.

3. Coin purse (Carpisa) – I always carry a coin purse so that I keep the coins in one place. There’s nothing worse than going through all the compartments of your bag looking for coins at the cash register while a bunch of people waits in line.


wimb cosmetics

4. Cosmetics bag (Mango) – this bronzey make-up bag houses all the items on the photo above.

5. Etui – I got this etui ages ago as a GWP and it is super convenient to keep pads/daily liners/tampons/other feminine hygiene products on the go.

6. Compact powder (Guerlain) – this is a compact powder which I use to blot or touch up my make-up on the go.

7. Lipstick/lipgloss (YSL/Guerlain) – I always keep a bunch of lip products with me, although I often switch them up.

8. Lipbalm (Sierra Bees) – this balm is here in case of a super windy cold weather when lipstick is not moisturizing enough.

9. Hair ties and hair clips – just in case I have a bad hair day.

wimb water diary

10. Journal & pen – to write down meetings, stuff that need to be done, etc.

11. Water – depending on the season I carry different amount of water, but a bottle is always with me.

wimb umbrella

12. Umbrella – I always carry one, whether it rains or the sun shines

13. Sunglasses (Mango) – another thing I always have with me.


wimb random

14. Cotton bag (DM) – this bag is eco friendly, strong and can carry a bunch of items. I always have it with me in case I go to an unplanned grocery shopping.

15. Wet tissues (My Body from BIPA) – I use this in case I need to clean my hands and there’s no soap and water available

16. Nivea cream – this mini tin is my skin savior, especially during winter.

17. Eye glass cleaning wipes (W5 from Lidl) – these are great and affordable glass cleansing wipes. A must have if you wear glasses.

18. Paper tissues (Soft Star from Mueller) – you always need those.

19. House key – what a joy is to search for this one in a big bag. Reminder to myself: buy a key chain.

20. Chewing gums (Orbit) – its main purpose is to keep me from buying and eating a bunch of food.

That would be all. What do you carry in your bags?

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

Dior is back!!! – DIOR Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2012fe

I know this is not a fashion blog, but this collection has left me breathless. After Galliano left, it seemed as if Dior has lost it’s track. Thankfully,this collection put it right back. This collection is the essence of Dior – feminine, elegant and strong.

You can watch the video from Dior’s you-tube channel:


You can see the photos of the dresses in the photo gallery here.(scroll down)

My favourites are dresses on these pictures: 4 (very nice), 7, 8 (nice), 10 (love it), 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 24, 28, 30, 31, 33, 34 (perfect), 35, 36, 38 (my absolute favourite), 39, 40.

I hope that one day I’ll be able to afford one of these.

Which dresses did you like?