DUCRAY Melascreen Crème Solaire SPF 50 Review

I wanted to get a good sunscreen, since so far I’ve been using only moisturizers with low SPF. I’ve only used sunscreens on beach and these were heavy, greasy and they were leaving a whiteish cast. My favourite sunscreen so far is Chanel UV Essentiel (I’ve only got a sample, but this is the most perfect sunscreen ever) but it is expensive (over $50 for 30ml) and it smells horrible.

Instead I’ve decided to pick some sunscreen from pharmacy brands. I got this since it seemed to offer a great value for money (around $15 for 40ml). I know how difficult is to find a good sunscreen and when I first tried it, I thought that I’ve got a HG. Unfortunately, after a month of using this, I have to say that I don’t like it.

The sunscreen has SPF50 and PPD is 1/3 of the SPF so this means PPD is around 16.

The product comes in a tube with a pump. I like that the packaging is very hygienic. The instructions say to use 5 or 6 pumps for the whole face. Although I’m aware that it decreases the degree of protection, I’m using only 2 pumps.

When I first put it on my face, it feels lightweight and it’s very easy to spread. A minute after, it becomes sticky and uncomfortable. It doesn’t give a whiteish cast, but my face feels greasy for the whole day. Even when I put a foundation and a loose powder over it, my face is still shiny. Not to mention that it breaks me out (nothing horrible, but my skin is much clearer when I do not use it).

I’ll finish this sunscreen on the vacation, and find a new one for the next season.