DIADERMINE Hydra Matt Day Cream Review

Ever since finishing Sisley Creme Reparatrice, I’ve been using Diadermine Hydra Matt Day Cream. So far, I’m pretty happy with it.

The cream comes in a heavy 50ml glass jar and retails for around $5-6.

My skin is oily, yet very dehydrated, so I usually pick more moisturizing creams since flaky skin to me is far worse than oiliness.

Diadermine cream is a thick cream, but it spreads easily. It is very moisturizing – ever since I have started using it, I have almost no problems with flaky skin.

As for the mattifying claims – I don’t think they are something special. My skin didn’t feel anything less oily than usually.

The cream doesn’t clog my pores, so this is another plus.

The one thing that baffles me is that they claim that the cream has SPF, but I couldn’t find which factor, although I have found UV filters listed in ingredients.

I have to add that I haven’t been using foundation for two weeks and my skin has greatly improved in appearance – it seems that I have less whiteheads and bumps, and the pores look much cleaner and tighter. Since Diadermine helped with dryness, I could say that my skin is as close to perfect as possible:)