CREED 2000 Fleurs EdP Review


Creed 2000 Fleurs was my first foray into floral fragrances – up until then I was exclusively the lover of orientals. While 2000 Fleurs is often placed among florals and female fragrances, it definitely isn’t a prototypical example – there is enough spiciness in there that I would even placed it among unisex perfumes.

The perfume is available in 30ml (cca $125) and 75ml (cca $240) bottles. The larger bottle is considerably cheaper than the small one (around $150).

The perfume opens with a fresh, slightly cold bouquet of flowers –  it is pretty hard to discern which is which.

On my skin,  the middle notes are dominated by a brisk rose, spiced up with sandalwood and green tea. The drydown is very similar to the middle notes, only milder.

I’m a bit disappointed with the silage of this fragrance. It was my first venture in the niche perfumes and I have expected a stronger, more longlasting scent.


I’ve already shown my make-up collection. Now, I think it is time to talk about fragrance.

I’m not a great fragrance collector – I usually buy one fragrance in the smallest packaging possible (30ml) which lasts for cca 6 months and then I switch to the new one.

My taste in fragrances has changed extremely – while I was little I loved heavy chypres. As a teenager I have switched towards orientals – but with a slight masculine note. In my late teens I liked woody orientals, while the appreciation of florals came only in my 20s, after an identity crisis.

On the tray you can see all the fragrance I have bought in my life (only Fragonard Miranda is missing). I have a rule that I never spend the fragrance completely – I always save several millilitres in case the fragrance is going to be discontinued.

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