bareMinerals Shine On Set Review and Swatches

bareminerals palette holiday

Hello lovelies,

I know this palette has been a part of Holiday 2012 collection, but I decided to review it as it sometimes pops up on feelunique and lookfantastic. The full price of the set was 24 GBP, but I got it on sale for 50%off.

The set comes in a bulky, flimsy plastic box which is a magnet for fingerprints. You also get a golden clutch, but I didn’t snap the picture of it.

bareminerals palette holiday 2

The set contains everything you need: 2 eyeshadows (Glitterati and Center Stage), a blush (The Big Break), an eye primer, an eyeliner (4PM), a lip gloss (A Lister), blush and eyeshadow applicators. The blush applicator can work on the go, but the sponge tip applicator is nothing special

bareminerals palette holiday 1

A blush is a pale peachy pink – a perfect everyday blush. Its lightness and satin finish can also make it a great highlighter for darker skin. On my NC15-20 skin it shows like a subtle blush. I definitely plan to use it (and possibly repurchase full size) on days when I’m in a hurry and don’t have the time to blend brighter blushes.

Center Stage is a satin dark purple, almost black eyeshadow. It swatched patchy, but it goes on evenly and blends easily.

Glitterati is a pale shimmery pink. It is very pigmented.

I don’t like the huge contrast between the eyeshadows – I would prefer a bit lighter shade instead of Center stage.

Round the Clock eyeliner in 4PM is an eggplant purple eyeliner. It is super creamy and soft – perfect for eyes and waterline. It sets quickly after application and stays on. I tried on my waterline and it left a pretty nice colour there and stayed on for over 4 hours without fading.

Primetime eyelid primer is very close to becoming a holy grail. It is a pale shimmery gold primer- It works great under the eyeshadow – it makes the eyeshadow last for the whole day without creasing or fading. Another bonus is that you can use the primer on its own as an eyeshadow. The primer sets quickly and, once it is set, it won’t budge.

The photo below shows what happens to the swatches of 4PM eyeliner and primer after scrubbing them with soap – the eyeliner faded a bit, but the primer is still there.

bareminerals palette holiday after cleansing

The last item is Marvelous Moxie lip gloss in A Lister. It is a shimmery nude peachy gloss – pretty pigmented and almost non-sticky. I’m not a fan of the fact that it contains mint – it unnecessarily irritates my lips – but other than this, the gloss is great.

I like that you can create a whole(albeit a bit shimmery) look with this palette only. The items you get complement each other, but even though the overall quality of the products is great and you get very generous amount of products, I would not pay the full price for it.


blush, center stage, glitterati, eyeliner:

bareminerals palette holiday 3

blush, center stage, glitterati, eyeliner, lipgloss, primer:

bareminerals palette holiday 4

eyeliner, lipgloss, primer (not blended), primer (blended):

bareminerals palette holiday 5

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara





This is my recent haul from Max Factor.

The set contains:

Masterpiece mascara in Black (full size)

Vibrant Curve Effect lip-gloss in #14 Majeste (mini size)

Nailfinity nail polish in #900 Ruby Fruit (mini size)

Second Skin Foundation in #70 Natural (mini size)

Kohl Pencil in Black (mini size)


I’m planning to purchase Chanel Inimitable mascara, but I’m not willing to shell out $30, since I’ve never used mascaras with such a  brush. I’ve noticed that many compare Max Factor Masterpiece mascara with Chanel’s, so I’ve decided to check a cheaper version.


GUERLAIN Ombre Éclat Duo & Liner in #360 L’Heure Rose Review


This beautiful golden square compact contains all you need for an ideal eye make-up: 2 gorgeous shades of eyeshadow (light and dark ) and one cream eyeliner. There are several colour combinations: L’heure bleue, L’heure brune, L’heure d’ ambre, L’heure fumée, L’heure rose and L’heure bronze. I’ll review shade #360 L’heure Rose (pink combination).

Even though I adore Guerlain, eyeshadows are not their forte. Don’t get me wrong: the eyeshadows have a fine creamy texture, they never appear chalky, they look silky and they don’t crease for a very long time (even without a primer) but the pigmentation is in the range of a cheap drugstore eyeshadow. The testers in the store can be deceiving – every Guerlain eyeshadow I’ve tested in the store offered a decent pigmentation, only to disappoint me when I try it at home. I am not particularly dark (NC15-20), but it takes a lot of time and a lot of eyeshadow (applied with a brush over primer) to get a bit of colour. The pigmentation is slightly better if I apply it over greasier eyeshadow base (for example Clarins Instant Minute) compared to applying it over Primer Potion. The eyeshadows have a tiny shimmer, but it is barely noticeable and not over the top. I think it gives a nice dimension to the eyeshadow, preventing it from looking too flat.

Light pink shade is very light and I usually use it as a wash (a thin coat) and I apply a bit more i the inner corner of the eye.

I have to be careful with applying the darker colour because, if I apply a layer too sheer, I look as if someone had punched me in the eye. A thicker coat of darker eyeshadow prevents it from looking like a bruise.

The cream eyeliner is, on the other hand, very good. It looks very solid, but it applies easily with a brush and offers a very good pigmentation. It is also very longwearing. At first, the color (deep dark plum purple) seemed very similar to Guerlain eyeliner in Bohemian (from Beaute Slave collection), but Bohemian is much colder and has a hint of blue that the eyeliner from L’heure Rose does not have.

The compact is quite big: the eyeshadows have 2,5gr each and the eyeliner has 1,6gr. There are also two brushes included: one sponge tip applicator and one eyeliner brush (which is very good, only the handle is too short).

Despite the lack of pigmentation, I like this combination very much. I find it appropriate for a day-wear, it gives polished and elegant look. This would be ideal for those who can’t or don’t want to wear super shimmery/dramatic make-up.

I suggest to those who like this product to stock it up, because it seems it MIGHT get discontinued very soon.

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BENEFIT Celebutante Review

This set is a great value. It includes mini lipsticks in Lady’s Choice and No Competiton, lipgloss in I’m With the Band, Highbeam illuminator, Benetint, bronzer/blush in Dallas, eyeshadows in Leggy and Dandy Brandy and two brushes (Fluff Shadow/Talent Brush and bronzer blush). All shades are very neutral and I think it could work with almost every skin-tone. A small booklet with lesson is also included. The product comes in a pink carboard box with magnetic closing which resembles a clutch and the mirror is on the inside of the cover.

Since each of the product can be bought separately in full size, I’ll give a complete reviews later.

Lipstick Lady’s Choice (0,04oz/1,2g) is a classic nude shade. No Competiton (0,04oz/1,2g) is a dark red colour.  Both lipstick are very silky and they are not drying.

I’m With The Band lipgloss (0,09oz/2,5ml) is a pink-orange shade which looks like a mixture of Chanel aqualumiere glosses in Candy Glow and Colibri, but more shimmery.

Highbeam (0,09oz/2,5ml) is an illuminator in light pink shade.

Benetint (0,08oz/2,5ml) works great as a lip stain. I have red lips and this brings out my natural colour without looking too tacky – I put some benetint and when it is dry, I apply lip-balm.

Eyeshadow in Leggy(0,04oz/1,2g) is very frosty light beige/pink. Dandy Brandy (0,04oz/1,2g) is warm dark brown.

Dallas (0,1oz/3g) is almost similar to my YSL bronzer, but much more pigmented.

The two brushes included are nothing special, but can be used for touch-ups. The fluffy side of the two-sided brush works OK when applying eyeshadow in the crease. The other side reminds me more of a concealer brush than eyeshadow brush. Bronzer brush is very soft and picks up a lot of pigment, but it doesn’t distribute it evenly.

I’m not the fan of a bulky carboard packaging, but nevertheless this is a great travel set.