NEW IN: Nuxe, L’Oreal, Real Techniques + No-Buy Update

new in real techniques loreal nuxe 1

Hello lovelies,

it’s time for another new in post in which I feature the items I received this month. All these items were ordered back in May, but the shipping can sometimes take some time. li

On the top photo you can see the items I got at L’Oreal Glam Lights presentation: Elseve Arginine Resist Light Shampoo, Preference Glam Lights Hair color in #2, Elseve Arginine Resist Spray and Miss Manga mascara. I’ve already worn Miss Manga mascara – I definitely like it more than Dior, but I have to wear it more to really form an opinion. I also plan to dye my hair this week – I already took “before” photos and I’m waiting for my hair to get slightly oily (I don’t want to dye freshly washed hair).

new in real techniques loreal nuxe

The following is my order from iHerb. I saw that they had Real Techniques Sam’s Picks set in stock and I couldn’t miss this opportunity. I adore Real Techinques brushes (and own several of them) and this set contained several brushes I didn’t have plus I wanted to try the exclusive blending brush. I started to wear a bit more of eyeshadow so I also ordered Eye Shading brush.

new in real techniques loreal nuxe 2

The final items are a gift from my sister – 2 Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balms (I’ve been on a lip balm kick recently) and a cosmetic bag with mini Crème Prodigieuse, Huile Prodigieuse and a sample of Parfum Prodigieux. The cosmetic bag has two compartments and it seems like it would be great for travelling.

Now, an update. I have yet to buy anything. I know that I’ve promised that I’ll post my wishlists, however at the moment I don’t want anything (surprisingly). I just need to stick through another week.

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

E-BAY Brushes (Real Techniques dupes/lookalikes) Review

ebay brushes

Hello lovelies,

as you probably know, I really, really like Real Techniques brushes, but I don’t like their European price. You can get them for cheaper on iHerb, but they rarely have discounts and when you include the shipping, it is not really that much cheaper. While I was browsing e-bay (my favourite entertainment), I ran into a familiar looking brushes. These brushes, even though are not really a true copy of Real Techniques, are made on a same principle – with a very long ferrule which is also a handle and a rubberized end. They come in several colours: gold, pink (like real Real Techniques) and blue. I picked the blue handles since I didn’t want to confuse them with Real Techniques.

My brushes have no brand name on the handle and the whole set of 5 brushes cost me $12. The brushes arrived in a padded envelope. Duofibre brush arrived a bit damaged – you’ll see from the photos that the ferrule is slightly dented. I’ll fully review each brush in detail below, but I can say that the bristles are as soft as those on Real Techniques and none of the brushes shed.

The brushes, with the exception of the duofibre brush are all very dense and appropriate for buffing in foundation or powder.

I’d definitely recommend them – although the set lacks a couple of fluffier brushes for light powder and brush application, it is a great set for the price.


Kao što već znate, jako obožavam Real Techniques kistove, ali ne volim koliko koštaju u Europi. Mogu se nabaviti jeftinije na iHerbu, ali kad se uračuna poštarina, onda to i nije neki popust. Dok sam bezveze pretraživala e-bay (moj omiljeni hobi), naletila sam na kistove koji izgledom jako podsjećaju na Real Techniques. Iako ti kistovi nisu direktna kopija Real Techniques, slično izgledaju – drška u boji s gumom na krajevima. E-bay kistovi dolaze u nekoliko boja: zlatna, roza (kao i pravi Real Techniques) i plava. Odabrala sam plavu tako da ih na prvi pogled razlikujem.

Moji kistovi nemaju nikakvo ime brenda na sebi, a cijeli set od 5 kistova me koštao samo $12. Kistovi su stigli u omotnici s mjehurićima. Samo je bockalica malo oštećena – -izlomljen je metalni dio. Svaki ću kist u detalje recenzirati niže u postu, ali ovdje mogu još spomenuti da je dlaka (sintetička) jednako mekana kao i na pravim Real Techniques kistovima i da mi još niti jedna dlaka nije ispala.

S iznimkom bockalice, svi su kistovi gusti i pogodni za utrljavanje pudera.

Ove bih kistove svakako preporučila – iako bi bilo bolje da set sadrži kist za lagano nanoštenje pudera i za rumenilo, ipak je za cijenu sasvim dobar set.

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SISLEY Eye Shading Brush Review


I have wanted this brush for ages and a couple of months ago, I have purchased it during the 20% off sale. It was very expensive even with 20% off, but its regular price is around $56.

The brush comes in a plastic protective cover and unffortunately, I couldn’t find of which hair it is made (but I think that the hair is natural).

For me, this is all-in-one brush. It has very unusual shape – very dense hair is cut under the angle. I have to mention, that unlike with Sisley Blush brush, the hairs here are very soft.

The shape allows you to use this brush for several purposes:

– you can use the flat side of the brush to apply the shadow all over the lid

– you can use the higher, pointy part of the brush (dip it into the shadow from the outer side) to apply the shadow in the crease or you can use it as a blending brush.

I have washed this brush several times and it has never shed a hair. Also, unlike Sisley Blush brush, this one doesn’t bleed any colour.

The handle of the brush is a bit thicker, so it might take some time to get used to it.

I really love this brush and I have yet to see a cheaper version (if you know one, feel free to say in the comments). For me, it is perfect for travelling – I can only take one brush with me and have everything I need.

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The prime reason I have purchased this brush is because the slanded shape reminded me of Sisley Eyeshadow Brush and I have hoped that  I’ll save some money, but now that I have both, they cannot compare.

Inglot 7FS brush is far from bad, but it is completely different.

7FS is made of squirrel hair and the handle is wood. It is very soft, but the hairs are not too dense. Now that I have it for some time, I’d say that it is more similar to Studio Basic Blending Brush, but Inglot has shorter hairs.

I prefer to use this brush as a blending brush or to apply a sheer wash of colour. The brush doesn’t pick up too much pigment. I’ve tried with various brands – from Sisley and Guerlain to Inglot and Urban Decay and, no matter how much eyeshadow I pack on the brush, I always end up with just a wash of colour.

I like the shape, it is slightly slanted so this brush is perfect for applying the shade all over the lid with one swipe.

I paid approximately $17, which is not too high for a good brush. I have washed it several times and the brush didn’t shed at all.

Overall, I like it, but it is not as multi-function as I have hoped.

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SISLEY Blush Brush Review

Sisley Blush Brush is a slanted brush made of natural hairs. It costs $65. The brush comes in a transparent plastic bag with a plastic brush cover to protect the hairs.

When it comes to make-up brushes, I’m not very into high-end. All the brushes I have are in drugstore price-range and none was more expensive than $15.

I got Sisley Blush Brush as a Christmas present, after whining for ages that I need a decent blush brush. Up to then I either applied blush with Avon brush (too wide) or with the tiny applicators that I got with my Guerlain blushes. I specifically requested a slanted brush – it seems that this type of the brush is the perfect shape to apply blush on my cheekbones.

Now, back to the Sisley brush.

I couldn’t find what the handle is made of, but based on how it feels under my fingers, I’d say it’s a black plastic or wood. The ferule is a gold-coloured metal. The brush is made of goat hair.

I still can’t say whether the brush is really worth the price. The hair is not scratchy, but I wouldn’t mind if it were a tiny bit softer.

The brush is around 16,5 cm long, while the length of hairs varies from 3,5cm to 2 cm.

My only big issue with this brush is that, when washed, it leaks black paint. Granted, the water is just a shade or two greyer, but I find any colour leaking unacceptable for a high-end brush. I have washed it several times and I still see some colour leaking.

The brush didn’t shed a hair. I’ve been using it for over a month, washed it once or twice per week and the brush still hasn’t lost any of its hair.

Howeverm I advise you not to throw the plastic bristle cover. It seems that the brush might loose shape quickly if you do not keep the bristles covered to maintain the shape.

The brush picks the colour pigment well. Since the bristles are not too soft, it can pick up the harder blush texture (for example, the shimmering side of Diorblush, which has much harder texture than the non-shimmering side). If the blush you are using is very soft in texture (for example Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats), just tap the blush lightly with the brush; otherwise the brush will pick too much product. As I’ve mentioned before, the brush shape is ideal for my cheekbones, the brush applies blush perfectly and it blends it easily.

All in all, I’m satisfied with this brush. I expect it to last for at least 10 years (if my cheap Avon brush managed to last so far, Sisley should too). Maybe I’ll get more Sisley brushes in the future – I have my eye on Eyeshadow, Kabuki and Powder brush, as they seem resonably priced compared to other brushes of this range.

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My brush collection is something that I have started to expand recently. Up until two years ago I had like 3 brushes: power brush, two eyeshadow brushes and some of the applicators I got with the eyeshadow quads.

My brush collection varies in price: there are expensive high-end brushes next to cheap drugstore one (and I don’t see much difference in quality).

I take care a lot for my brushes – the oldest one in my collection is 10 years old and it is still good as new (even better). I wash them once per week (depending on how much make-up I do that week) with gentle, no-silicone shampoo in lukewarm water.

Currently I have 4 face brushes (but looking to expand it), 11 eye-brushes (not counting the applicators I got with the eyeshadow palettes) and 1 lip-brush (don’t need more).

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SEPHORA Foundation Brush


I’m not 100% sure if I really like this brush.

On one hand, it is very soft, but on the other hand it doesn’t apply foundation well. The brush comes with the protective cover for the bristles.

When I apply the foundation with a brush, I usually dip the brush  several times into the foundation, as I’m working part by part of my face. When I dip the clean brush for the first time, the foundation is applied perfectly even. As I redip the brush, which is now slightly wet, it applies the foundation streaky. It doesn’t help if I try to wipe of the foundation remains – in order for the brush to work properly, I would have to wash it with detergent each and every time.

Other than that, I really like it. The size is perfect – neither too big or too small and I can easily apply foundation on the smaller parts of my face.

As this is my only foundation brush, I really don’t know whether other brushes work better.