Dior Nude Shimmer in Pink Glow (Transat collection for Summer 2014)

dior nude transat shimmer pink glow 1

Hello lovelies,

today I’m going to talk about Dior Nude Shimmer powder in Pink Glow, which is a part of Transat collection for summer 2014. The product retails for 38GBP and I got mine from feelunique.

The powder comes in a heavy silver round compact with cannage imprint. You also get a nice dust bag with it. The compact on the outside catches fingerprints (my biggest pet peeve). The compact contains a mirror and there’s also a mini kabuki brush included, which is pretty soft and nice. The powder has 10 grams.

Even thought the product description (“DIORSKIN NUDE Shimmer can be used as a light veil on the rounded areas of the face to catch the maximum amount of light and create a naturally dazzling glow”) leads me to believe that this should work as a highlighter, on my skin this shade is actually a blush.

dior nude transat shimmer pink glow

The shade Pink Glow has two pink quadrants with pale pink letters. The other two quadrants are rosy bronze shade with pink letter imprints. The product contains shimmer. The pink quadrants with light pink letters are extremely sheer and pale and they barely show even on my NC15-20 skin. The bronze quadrants are surprisingly more orange than I thought they’d be. However, mixed together, they give a perfect, slightly bronze pink flush. If you use a really small brush, you can get the colour from each quadrant individually, but I prefer to mix all shades together.

dior nude transat shimmer pink glow 2

Depending on your skintone this will work either as a blush or a highlighter. It is too pink to be used as a bronzer.

On my skin this is the perfect summer blush. It is very pigmented and I don’t see how it could work as a highlighter. It is shimmery, but the shimmer is barely there – only to prevent the product from looking flat. It wears well – I didn’t notice any fading throughout the day.

I definitely like it. It’s been a while since I last bought something from Dior and this blush definitely makes me want to get more.

Did you try Nude Shimmer?

xoxo Tamara

New in: Dior, L’Occitane and MoYou London


dior nude haul 1

Hello lovelies,

I’ve been shopping a bit lately and ended up overdosed on blush and bronzer. I bought a total of 3 Dior Nude bronzer/blush products.

dior nude haul

Since my YSL bronzer is almost finished, I got Nude Tan Matte in Ambre. On a first glance, Dior looks slightly darker than YSL, but I think this shade will will work very well with my skin.

Dior Nude Tan Paradise Duo was on a whim purchase. It is a part of last year’s summer collection and I couldn’t miss it. It is actually bronzer and blush duo, which seems very convenient in case I need to travel.

The last powder is a part of 2014 Transat collection – it is Dior Nude Shimmer in Pink. This is not straight out bronzer/blush, although on my skin tone it will work as such. On darker skin tones, this might work as an all-over-powder or a highlighter.

dior nude haul 2

It’s been awhile since my last L’Occitane shopping. I was playing cart tetris on hqhair and realized that I can get a discount on L’Occitane. Then I realized that they are running a GWP offer and I was sold. I already needed a shower gel, so I decided to go back to my Almond Shower oil.

dior nude haul 3

I needed to spend additional 20 GBP to get a gift so I bought a cute Shea Butter mini set. The set contains a full sized Shea Butter soap, travel sized Shea Butter shower cream and Shea Butter body cream, mini Shea Butter hand cream, Shea Butter foot cream and Shea Butter lip balm in a cute mint cosmetic bag.

dior nude haul 4

The GWP contains a travel sized body cream from Roses et Reines collection, travel sized exfoliating shower gel and mini hand cream in a cute rose printed bag.

dior nude haul 6

My nails are pretty big (even at their shortest) so I always have hard time to find big stamping patterns. I have a bunch of stamping plates and yet none of the designs ate big to completely cover my nails. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Moyou London nail stamping plates and decided to take a plunge. They have an amazing selection of patterns, some of which are offered in XL size. I also bought a bigger squishy stamper.

dior nude haul 5

I bought three nail plates: Princess #14, Sailor #07 and Pro #05. The patterns are really big – even bigger than my nails which are currently pretty long. I’m looking forward to trying them out.

Did you buy anything recently?

xoxo Tamara

DIOR Diorskin Nude Tan Nude Glow Sun Powder Swatches


Unlike Diorskin Nude Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder ($55), Diorskin Nude Tan Nude Glow Sun Powder is a true bronzer. The round compact comes with a small kabuki brush included and it retails for $52.

It comes in 6 shades:

001 Miel (Honey)

002 Ambre (Amber)

003 Cannelle (Cinnamon)

004 Epice (Spicy)

005 Caramel

006 Sienne

It is very silky, matte (the bits of shimmer here and there on the swatch were accidentaly transfered) and extremely pigmented, but very blendable.

I’m not a fan of the shade selection – I think that they won’t match my skin tone very vell (with the exception of the shade #3).

The bronzer is swatched in this order:

Top row: 001 Miel (Honey) swatch, 002 Ambre (Amber) swatch, 003 Cannelle (Cinnamon) swatch

Bottom row: 004 Epice (Spicy) swatch, 005 Caramel swatch, 006 Sienne swatch

CHANEL Soleil Tan de Chanel Moisturizing Bronzing Powder Swatches

While I was swatching the bronzers from summer 2012 collection, I’ve decided to swatch the regular bronzers.
Soleil Tan de Chanel retails for $50 and it has 15 grams (if I’m not mistaken). It comes in a compact – one half of the compact is bronzer and the other half is for the brush.

The bronzer has a wavy dune desing.

I comes in four shades:

61 Desert Corail – matte dark beige with orange undertones. It will work only for very light skin.

62 Terre Epice – matte medium bronze

63 Terre Ambre – matte brownish bronze

64 Desert Bronze – matter dark brownish bronze with orange undertones.

While Desert Corail is probably one of the lightest bronzers available, none of the shades really work for me (a bit too orange). The bronzer is very pigmented (the swatches are made with just a light swipe of finger) and I prefer them to be on the sheer side.

The bronzers are swatched in this order:

Top row: 61 Desert Corail swatch, 62 Terre Epice swatch.

Bottom row: 63 Terre Ambre swatch, 64 Desert Bronze swatch

DIOR Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder Swatches

Dior Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder retails for approximately 50 euros. It comes in a round compact with a kabuki brush included.

This is not a pure bronzer – it is a really sheer, bronze tinted powder, that is better to be used as a highlighter. It is sheerer than Chanel’s summer 2012 bronzers.

The powder is divided on quarters and each quarter has the bas relief letter so that is spells the word NUDE. The letters come in two colours (the shades of pink and beige bronze). The quarters are two toned – a lighter and a darker shade of bronze.

There are four shades available:

001 Aurora. This shade is intended for very pale skin and if you don’t mind a bit of shimmer, it could serve as a real bronzer.

002 Sunlight. Slightly darker shade than Aurora.

003 Zenith. Warm, slightly orangey shade.

004 Sunset. The darkest shade in the bunch, a bit too orange for my liking.

Overall, I think I prefer Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel. Dior Nude Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder is too sheer for a bronzer, plus none of the shades would match me well (the closest being Aurora and Sunlight). Also, in spite of the shimmer, it lacks the true glowy quality that Chanel has.

The bronzer is swatched in this order: 001 Aurora swatch, 002 Sunlight swatch, 003 Zenith swatch, 004 Sunset swatch.

CHANEL Soleil Tan de Chanel Luminous Bronzing Powder in#907 Sable Beige and #917 Sable Rose Swatch


This is the most amazing product and if I already didn’t have any bronzer, I’d get both of them. It is so beautiful that I secretly hope that someone would steal or ruin my other bronzers so that I can have the excuse to buy both of them lol:)

The bronzer comes in a compact which contains 15 grams of product and it retails for 50 euros. The compact contains the brush.

The bronzer consists of 7 narrow stripes in different colours. You can use eacy stripe individually, but you’ll need a very narrow brush to get the right colour.

#907 Sable Beige is a bronze with slightly orange undertones. It doesn’t look orange on skin, but compared to the other shade it is more on the orange side. The stripes vary from different shades of bronze to beige.

#917 Sable Rose is a bronze with reddish undertones. It contains bronze stripes mixed with purplish pink.

Although Sable Beige is supposed to be for darker and Sable Rose for lighter skin, I think that both would work on any skin colour.

I wouldn’t call this a bronzer – it is more a mixture of bronzer and hightlighter. It goes very sheer on the skin – a hint of colour and glow. I wouldn’t use this all over the face like you might use regular bronzer – I’d use it as a bronze highlighter to put the glow on the skin. As it is relatively sheer, it won’t look over the top even on lighter skin and it will look amazing on the darker skin – especially used on the cheeks.

I fell in love with this the first time I swatched it in the store. However, I have more than half of my YSL Poudre de Soleil bronzer and barely touched Guerlain Terracota Blondes Halees (which is very similar to these two bronzers, but a bit more pigmented) and I’m trying to minimize my stash to essentials (Good luck with that, lol) and I don’t want to hoard.



I think it’s high time for me to start to control my impulsive purchases and redirect the money I spend on cosmetics I don’t need on something else. I’ve had much more self-control before I started to get involved in beauty community. Before, I’d purchase something only when I would need it, but now I’ve been buying things only because they seem pretty or I think that I simply must have it (even though I’ll probably use it several times before the product is lost in my stash.

I don’t like feeling overwhelmed every morning when I’m doing my make-up with all of the products which I have. Sometimes it takes me literary 10 minutes only to decide which eyeshadow I should use. I’ve tried the concept of creating “looks” which would include several products and then wearing the look for the next week. It is a good concept, but this means that 90% of my stash sits there unused while I’m wearing the “look”.

I do not plan to use up all of my make-up. I’ll use eyeshadows only until I hit the pan (especially if it is a discontinued or LE product). The same goes with lipsticks. I always leave a millimetre or two of the lipstick in case I ever need to find a dupe. After that, I put the product in the original packaging and put it in my “finished products” drawer. I know this sounds a bit ridiculous, to keep the boxes after you have spent the product, but I have paid a lot for these products and I cannot imagine throwing the compact of, let’s say, Guerlain eyeshadow away.

I have taken a photo of all the items in my stash, for my reference (I’ll do the same the next year). Compared to the previous stash pictures, you can see that I have spent some items (yay! for me) and hit the pan on many others.