I’ve already shown my make-up collection. Now, I think it is time to talk about fragrance.

I’m not a great fragrance collector – I usually buy one fragrance in the smallest packaging possible (30ml) which lasts for cca 6 months and then I switch to the new one.

My taste in fragrances has changed extremely – while I was little I loved heavy chypres. As a teenager I have switched towards orientals – but with a slight masculine note. In my late teens I liked woody orientals, while the appreciation of florals came only in my 20s, after an identity crisis.

On the tray you can see all the fragrance I have bought in my life (only Fragonard Miranda is missing). I have a rule that I never spend the fragrance completely – I always save several millilitres in case the fragrance is going to be discontinued.

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BOUCHERON Trouble EdP Review (Discontinued)

If there is only one fragrance which I could resurrect from the dust bin of the history, it would be Boucheron Trouble.

The top notes are citrusy, but on my skin they immediately mix with the jasmine in the middle notes. This mixture gives the enchanting sweetness. Cedar and amber in the base notes ground the overwhelming sweetness.

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