2013 Nail Polish Favourites (mainstream brands) – TOP 20

Hello lovelies,

here’s the second part of my favourite nail polishes in 2013. This list will feature mainstream brands and it will feature 20 favourite nail polishes (which are not necessarily launched 2013). Again, I didn’t assign the places (picking them out was hard enough), I’ll present them according to their price.

First, I’ll start with high-end polishes. This year I went on a Chanel binge and got from 7 to 27 Chanels. It is only natural that three of them are on the list. I also discovered Deborah Lippmann (I previously considered it an overpriced glitter) and Butter London (I need to find another EU-based store with free shipping since HqHair refuses to ship nail polish to Croatia).

Pictured above are: Chanel Taboo, Chanel Distraction, Chanel Bel-Argus, Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream, Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Kiss and Butter London Shag.

The next are mid-range, mostly US brands (Essie, for example). This year I got my first OPIs and one has already managed to end on the favourites list. I have also found a perfect, but discrete nail polish which can improve every manicure and an excellent New CID brand (also unavailable because HqHair refuses to ship polish to Croatia). There’s also Orly which has great formulation and huge bottles (which are impossible to spend in my case). Of course, here’s Color Club – I almost put both Halo Hues collections in my favourites, but I decided it would be a bit over the top so I randomly picked one to represent them whole.

Pictured are: Color Club Cherubic, Orly Hot Shot, OPI Germanicure, New CID Strawberry Gateau, Essie Using My Maiden Name, Essie The Lace is On, China Glaze Snow Globe.

The last are drugstore nail polishes. I have to admit that recently Croatian drugstores got some interesting nail polishes, like Depend holos. I could also have a whole category for Golden Rose, but I have picked only one to represent them whole. I’m glad to see that holo love is spreading – Oriflame have released Color Shine Palladium collection (scattered holos) and I hope it won’t take long for them to release linear holos, too. I also have to mention Eveline Mini Max Nail polish in what reminds me of Pantone’s color of the 2014 – Radiant Orchid.

Above are: Oriflame Fuchsia Palladium, Moment 201, Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 113, Eveline Mini Max 817, Eveline Color Instant 691, Depend Holographic 2032 and Ados 532.

You may have noticed that textured nail polish was a big hit in 2013 – almost every brand has their version of textures. I only have one which I love, but I’d like to try more to see how I really feel about textures.

What are your favourites?

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

2013 Nail Polish Favourites (indies & non-mainstream) – TOP 15

favi indies

Hello lovelies,

I hope you are doing well. I’m fine, but my no-buy has been on weak knees. Last night I was very tempted to order glow in the dark top coats from Indigo Bananas, I even put it in the cart, but I have managed to talk myself out of checking out. If it is so hard on the first day, I don’t even want to imagine what other 99 will be like. To take my mind off the shopping (and to remind myself that I already have a great stash) I decided to create my top 10. Only, it is hard thing to do with so many great nail polishes. Then I decided to create two separate top 10 lists: one for indies and other for mainstream polishes. However, how to pick 10 out of all these beauties? Hell if I know, that’s why there’s a list of top 15 barely chosen polishes (although I could simply put all of them on the list). I didn’t assign any particular place on the list to any particular shade (that would be impossible), but I like them all.

Here we go (you can click on any picture in the gallery to enlarge it):

As you can notice from the collage above, the brand of the year is I Love Nail Polish. Other than being a great brand with some very unique nail polishes, ILNP has introduced me to enchanting world of independent nail polish makers.

Pictured above are: Birefringence, Molly, Nostalgia, Cygnus Loop (H), Mutagen, Very Ornamental.

The next round consists of Dance Legend and A England. Dance Legend polishes are so amazing that I have ordered the second round as soon as I had the chance to try the ones I got and I’ll definitely order more once my no-buy is done. A England too has a great selection of nail polishes – it took me ages to pick my first shades and many others wait for their turn on the shopping list.

Above are: Dance Legend Robots vs. Humans (brown holo), Dance Legend Optical Illusion (purple holo), Dance Legend Chameleon Boo, A England Dragon, A England Briarwood.

The last are nail polishes which I would not classify as indies, but they are not widely available in Croatia. The brands are Jade and Layla. I’ve had such a hard time to pick out the Jades, but these three shades seemed the most unique. Luckily, I don’t have much Laylas, so it wasn’t hard to pick out the shade that caught my eye the moment I opened the package.

Pictured are: Layla Hologram in Emerald Divine, Jade Vermelho Surreal (red holo), Jade Fascinio Violeta (purple holo, so far the prettiest I own) and Jade Delirio Rosa (Barbie pink holo).

I regret that there’s no more diversity, but I convince you that 2014 favourites list will be more diversive.

Do you like the items on the list? Do you own some of them?

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

2012 Favourites

ff2012 title

Dear readers,

I apologize for being so late and I wish you all the best in the new 2013 year. I hope that it will surpass 2012.

I can’t believe that I have almost forgotten about my annual favourites list. Well, actually I can. I’ve been more focused on “eat all you can” during holidays (as if the food is going to disappear soon) and I’ve managed to balloon myself up to 67 kilos of fat. Nice work, Tamara. Anyway, I think that the New Year will reacquaint me with Ross Enamait’s Warrior Guide to Fitness to tone up a bit.

Fleurissante’s Favourites lists my favourites products in the last year. It doesn’t matter if they were freshly released or something available for a long time, which I have discovered the last year – the only thing that matters is that this are the products which have come closely to the Holy Grail status.

So, let’s go:


Dragi čitatelji,

Ispričavam se na kašnjenju i želim Vam sve najbolje u novoj 2013. godini. Nadam se da će biti puno bolja od 2012.

Ne mogu vjerovati da sam skoro zaboravila na svoju godišnju listu najdražih proizvoda. Zapravo mogu. Bila sam više usredotočena na tamanjenje sve hrane koja mi je došla pod ruku (i zub) ovih blagdana (kao da će je nakon blagdana nestati) te sam uspjela dovesti na divnih 67 kila sala. Svaka čast, Tamara. U svakom slučaju, čini se da ću se u novoj godini intenzivno družiti s knjigom Rossa Enamaita „Warrior Guide to Fitness“ u nadi da ću se barem djelomično dovesti u red.

Lista mojih favorita donosi meni najdraže proizvode prošle godine. To nisu nužno proizvodi koji su te godine lansirani – bitno je da sam ih ja počela te godine koristiti i da su mi se toliko svidjeli da su se približili (ako ne i postali) sveti gral.

Pa krenimo:

Make-up (Šminka)

ff2012 lips

Together with eyeshadows, lipsticks are my huge fetish. This year I have discovered many exciting formulas and shades and among those my favourites are: Guerlain Rouge Automatique (especially the shades I own: Nahema, Rouge d’Enfer and Shalimar), MAC in Lady Danger (perfection) and Catrice Ultimate Shine in Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss (another perfect formula and perfect colour).

Uz sjenila, moj veliki fetiš su ruževi za usne. Ove godine sam otkrila mnogo uzbudljivih formula i nijanis, a moji favoriti su Guerlain Rogue Automatique (posebno nijanse Nahema, Rouge d’Enfer i Shalimar), MAC ruž u nijansi Lady Danger (savršenstvo) i Catrice Ultimate Shine u nijansi Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss (savršena formulacija i savršena boja).

ff2012 blush

I’ve found out about an amazing blush: Sisley Phyto Blush Eclat in Pinky Coral which was the shade I was looking for – the perfect peachy pink.

Također sam otkrila izvanredno rumenilo: Sisley Phyto Blush Eclat u nijansi Pinky Coral koja je točno onakva kakvu sam tražila – prekrasna breskvasto roza.

ff2012 nails

There are also many beautiful nail polish shades, but my favourite discoveries this year were Max Factor Fantasy Fire, Catrice Pimp My Shrimp and Raspberry Fields Forever.

Također sam kupila mnogo prekrasnih nijansi lakova za nokte, ali najdraže otkriće su mi Max Factor u nijansi Fantasy Fire te Catrice lakovi u ovim nijansama: Pimp My Shrimp, Raspberry Fields Forever te Fred Said Red.

ff 2012 eyes

When it comes to the eyeshadows – these two are the absolute number one: Sisley Phyto Ombre Eclat in Stardust and Garden Rose. Stardust is the perfect shade for a sparkly, but not over the top smokey eyes. Garden Rose, on the other hand, is a 2in1 product – it can work as a blush and an eyeshadow. What’s best, it makes my greyish-blue eyes pop.

Kad je riječ o sjenilima – ove dvije nijanse su apsolutni broj 1: Sisley Phyto Ombre Eclat u nijansama Stardust i Garden Rose. Stardust je izvrsna nijansa za svjetlucavi smokey eyes. S druge strane Garden Rose je 2u1 proizvod – možete ga koristiti i kao rumenilo i kao sjenilo. Ta nijansa također jako dobro ističe moje sivo-plave oči.

ff 2012 fragrance

I’ve discovered one of my favourite fragrance brand: By Kilian. Even though the question whether his fragrances deserve to be put into the niche category is still opened to discussion, By Kilian has impressed me with the two of its fragrances: Beyond Love and Love and Tears. Beyond Love is my favourite summer fragrances. It smells so warm, floral and absolutely intoxicating. Love and Tears is a jasmine rhapsody – very feminine and elegant with a hint of wood in the drydown.

Otkrila sam i jedan od meni najdražih brandova parfema: By Kilian. Iako vrsni poznavatelji parfema još uvijek raspravljaju o tome zaslužuju li njegovi parfemi svojom kvalitetom ima niche parfema, By Kilian me impresionirao s dva parfema: Beyond Love i Love and Tears. Beyond Love je moj najdraži ljetnji parfem. Miriši jako toplo, cvijetno i u isto vrijeme opojno. Love and Tears je jasminova rapsodija – jako ženstven i elegantan parfem s drvenastom bazom.

ff2012 face and body

The last year I have completely ignored L’Occitane and switched to Yves Rocher. Their Jardins du Monde Shower Gel collection is a true treasure. The gels are well-formulated. They clean without drying out the skin and they come in a huge range of scents. My favourites so far are Ylang Ylang and Tiare, with Cotton Flower and Cocoa Bean coming close, but I have yet to test many other scents.

Prošle sam godine potpuno ignorirala L’Occitane i prebacila se na Yves Rocher. Njihova Jardins du Monde linija gelova i kremi za tuširanje je pravo blago. Gelovi su dobro formulirani i peru kožu bez isušivanja. Također dolaze u širokom rasponu mirisa. Meni najdraži mirisi do sad su Ylang Ylang i Tiare, a opasno im se približuju i Cotton Flower te Cocoa Bean, ali još ne bih zaključila listu jer još imam puno mirisa za isprobati.

Bioderma Sebium Micellar Water has introduced me to a whole new niche of cleansers. It is a relativelly afordable and effective, non-irritating cleanser. A must have in every cosmetic bag.

Bioderma Sebium micelarna otopina otkrila mi je novi svijet proizvoda za čišćenje lica. To je relativno povoljno i učinkovito neiritirajuće sredstvo za čišćenje lica i proizvod koji se mora naći u svakoj kozmetičkoj torbici.

SVR Chronolys Eye Contour Cream is a very moisturizing cream which is a salvation for my under-eye area during winter.

SVR Chronolys okoloočna krema je jako hidratantna krema koja me zimi spašava.

This list wouldn’t be complete without Yves Rocher Plaisirs Nature Malaysian Coconut Body Lotion. It is a light-weight, quickly absorbing moisturizing lotion and one of few I can tolerate.

Ova lista ne bi bila potpuna bez Yves Rocher Plaisirs Nature Malaysian Coconut losiona za tijelo. To je lagani, brzo upijajući hidratantni losion i jedan je od rijetkih koje mogu tolerirati.

So, this is it. Thank you for reading and thank you for your patience.

Love, Tamara

Evo, to bi bilo to. Puno vam hvala na čitanju i na strpljenju.


My Favourite Cosmetics Products in 2010

I probably should have published this earlier, but it was a bit hard to decide which items I should put on the list. I didn’t want to de recommendation for every category because I simply haven’t tried every new product that has been released in 2010 and I’d feel stupid recommending something if I haven’t tried all other products from the same category.

I’d like to talk about the products I’ve found in 2010 and which have become my HG (holy grails) and irreplaceable items in my stash.


In 2010 I’ve stopped being a skincare snob. For a long time I’ve been using only high-end French cosmetics, because my dermatologist (he is also a skincare snob) told me that French make the best skincare. In spite of that, in 2010 I have finally ventured in drugstore skincare. Today, I’m so glad I did it, because I have found some excellent skincare items there:

OLEA Moisturizing Toner. I cannot rave enough about this product. It is so cheap and yet so good. This is a definite replacement for Sisley Floral Toning Lotion

OLAY Complete Night. Excellent moisturizer, which moisturizes without making me greasy. It made me want to try out the Day version and Beauty Fluid

HYGIEIA Zincia face cleanser. (not on the picture) One of the rare items in my skincare routine which I have repurchased. Naturally, I have to combine it with cleansing milk when I have to remove make-up, but this is the most gentlest, the most non-irritating cleanser I have found.


There are also some high-end items which I won’t give up:

SISLEY Gel Express aux Fleurs. Excellent moisturizing mask for times when I need that extra boost of moisture.

SISLEY Creme Gommante. Very gentle exfoliator, which I also use as cleansing mask.


Also my favourite hair care item has become:

GARNIER Natural Beauty Vanilla shampoo and conditioner. It lathers well, the hair isn’t dried out and it has a lovely smell.


As a body exfoliator, I’ve only used:

L’OREAL Exfotonic. Body exfoliator with AHA which is neither too mild not too strong. I was afraid that it is discontinued, but I regularly find it in my drugstore.




As far as the make-up is concerned, in 2010 I haven’t discovered many new HG items, but there are a few worth mentioning:

GUERLAIN Cherry Flower Blush. At first I hated it, but now I cannot live without it. This is a wonderful neutral peachy-pink.


GUERLAIN Jeu d’Ombrelles eyeshadow quad. Purple eyeshadow usually makes me look sick, but this is an exception.


GUERLAIN Rouge G #61 Gaela. Even though the lipstick could be more moisturizing, it has a lovely bright pink colour and it is very longlasting.


SISLEY Phyto-Lip Star Rose Quartz. Excellent non-sticky pink lipgloss with tons of silver and pink microglitter.


CLARINS Everlasting Foundation. I think I have said everything about it in my recent review.


CATRICE Nail Lacquer in Bloody Mary To Go, Clay-Ton My Hero, Let’s Mauve On and Caught on the Red Carpet. These four shades are my favourites so far. They offer excellent pigmentation where only one layer is necessary to get almost exact shade as it is in the bottle.


SEPHORA #45 Mineral powder brush. It is the only brush I have backups of. You can use it in various ways: as a stippling brush for liquid foundation, for loose powder both regular and mineral, for blush, for cream foundation, etc…


GUERLAIN Meteorites #3 Teint Dore. I love everything about meteorites and this shade is my favourite. I use it instead of loose powder and the result is soft glowy skin.



And my final discovery is the perfume:

GUERLAIN L’Heure Bleue. I have debated for so long about this fragrance and finally I have caved in and purchased EdT version. I adore the soft violet and vanilla scent.