REVIEW │ Elizabeth Arden New York in Bloom Eyeshadow Trio in Viridian Bloom

elizabeth arden eyeshadow trio viridian bloom 2

Hello lovelies,

how often do you buy product just because you like the packaging?

I am a total sucker for pretty packaging so I couldn’t miss this beautiful Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow trio. Even though it is a part of last year’s spring collection I decided to review it since it is still available on feelunique.

The packaging is pretty but it is very light, which I find surprising for a high end product as they tend to be very heavy. It comes with a mirror and a small sponge tip applicator.

elizabeth arden eyeshadow trio viridian bloom

All shades are together in one pan, which contains 5 grams of product. I prefer when each shade comes in its own pan but since the eyeshadows are not placed in weird positions which would make them difficult to use, I can deal with it. There’s an embossed flower pattern over the eyeshadow. The description says that each shade has a different finish: shimmer, metallic or matte and that they can be used wet or dry. I prefer to use them dry – I only use them wet if I use them as an eyeliner. The swatches below are how it looks when applied dry.

elizabeth arden eyeshadow trio viridian bloom 4

Viridian Bloom trio consists of the following shades: turquoise blue (metallic finish), ivory (shimmer finish – although it is more on the glittery side) and brown (matte, although I’d call it satin). The first two are very sheer when used dry – especially the turquoise one, of which I expected better pigmentation. The brown is the most pigmented, while the ivory has some fallout. All these shades perform better on the eye than on the swatch. Other than a bit of fallout, they are pretty easy to work with and they last pretty well with the primer. The turquoise shade has better pigmentation if used wet, but it still isn’t as close to the vibrancy it has in the pan.

elizabeth arden eyeshadow trio viridian bloom 1

In my book, it is a plus as you can create a nice but not too garish look. I like that a turquoise gives a nice pop of colour without being over the top. I can see myself wearing this trio quite often this summer.

I would recommend this trio to those who want to try a bit of colour, but are afraid of overdoing it. On the other hand, if your standard for bright colours are Urban Decay eyeshadows, you might find yourself pretty disappointed.

xoxo Tamara.

2 thoughts on “REVIEW │ Elizabeth Arden New York in Bloom Eyeshadow Trio in Viridian Bloom

  1. Nema mi veceg razocarenja kada mi se nesto vizualno dopadne i bas se cini da obecava a na kraju pigmentacija bude ispo prosjeka:/ Mislim, nije losa paletica, imala sam gorih ali od EA bih ocekivala vise. Steta jer paletica izgleda prekrasno.

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