REVIEW │L’Occitane Roses et Reines Travel Kit (shower scrub, body lotion & hand cream)

l'occitane roses et reines travel kit

Hello lovelies,

Roses et Reines is a part of L’Occitane’s elegant rose collection (along with Rose 4 Reines). Some items are still available on hqhair.

4 roses are in the heart of this collection – Turkish, Grasse, Bulgarian and Moroccan rose. Together, they give a light, slightly sweet and timeless fragrance to all the products from the collection. I am not a fan of rose scent – often it can be too strong and, as much as I dislike using this word, old-fashioned. L’Occitane have, however, created a nice, fresh composition which is not overwhelming for which I’m grateful as it means that I can use it without having a headache.

l'occitane roses et reines travel kit 1

I have tried three items from the collection which I received as a GWP from hqhair. They came in a cute, fabric pink purse with printed roses.

l'occitane roses et reines travel kit 4

Rose et Reines Shower Scrub is a super light exfoliator. It works fine as a gentle daily exfoliator, but it doesn’t contain enough scrubbing particles to provide proper exfoliation. It makes your skin soft and clean, it doesn’t dry it out and it leaves a light rose scent.

I use it as a shower gel – it doesn’t later up well, but the exfoliating grains help to clean the skin. I would never use it as a scrub because it is too weak. The full size comes in a 200ml tube and retails fro GBP18.

l'occitane roses et reines travel kit 2

Roses et Reines Beautifying Body Milk is a super light body moisturizer. It spreads easily and you need only a tiny amount for the entire body; however, it is not that moisturizing. I find that it works well for my skin during summer, but I don’t have too dry skin. I would not recommend it for someone with super dry skin who needs a lot of moisture.

The body milk sinks in quickly – a definite plus in my book. It has slightly stronger rose scent which lingers on the skin. I can smell it even after 20 hours. The full size of the milk comes in a 250 ml bottle and retail for GBP 20.

l'occitane roses et reines travel kit 3

Roses and Reines Hand Cream is a rose scented cream with shea butter. I find that is has slightly lighter consistency compared to their original Shea Butter cream, but it is still pretty moisturizing. This product also has a light rose scent. It is not too greasy and it sinks in quickly. it is a nice cream on the go. The full size of the cream contains 75 ml and retails for 14 GBP.

Would I (re)purchase any of these items? My opinion leans strongly to the “NO” side. I already have a more affordable options for shower gel, body scrub and body milk. Instead of hand creams I prefer to use oil. Basically, every item here has a more affordable alternative. The scent isn’t a big plus for me – even though I like this rose scent, it is still not something that I would crave. On the other hand, if they ever did a Tiare inspired collection, nothing would stop me from getting every single item. In the end, it all boils down to how much you like the scent of the products.

xoxo Tamara

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