L’Oreal Préférence Glam Lights Brunch


Hello lovelies,

the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of summer hairstyle trends are highlights and by highlights I mean of natural, subtly highlighted hair which looks as if it was lightened by sun. All the same, highlights are not limited to summer – well made highlights can really give the depth to the hair – transforming your hairstyle from plain to Hollywood glamour. To achieve such a look, you’d need to spend both time and money. L’Oreal have, however, decided to simplify the process by creating a new product which will allow you to achieve such a look at home.

L’Oreal Préférence Glam Lights contains everything you need for natural DIY highlights (hair lightening cream, hair dye developer, decolorisation agent, shampoo and brush). You mix lightening cream, developer and decolorisation agent and then apply it to the brush.

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The secret of this system is in the new three-phase brush by which you can easily and evenly apply the hair dye on the hair. The hair dye doesn’t transfer – it stays where it is.

Yesterday I had a chance to convince myself that it really works on L’Oreal Préférence Glam Lights presentation at L’Oreal Academy in Zagreb, where they showed us how to use this system on Croatian actress Leona Paraminski.

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At the beginning of the presentation we were greeted by L’Oreal manager Ana Andrašek and we watched a short film featuring L’Oreal’s ambassador Blake Lively.

After the film Marijana Gabud, the colorist demonstrated the whole process, step by step, on Leona to show us how simple the application is. Even Leona got the chance to try her hand in application and, according to her, it is really easy.

Depending on how light you want your hair to be, you can leave it on from 25 to 45 minutes. Marijana showed us that L’Oreal Préférence Glam Lights work even on dyed hair, but it won’t work on grey hail.

L’Oreal Préférence Glam Lights are available in three shades:

Glam Lights # 1 for light blonde to very light blonde hair

Glam Lights # 2 for dark blonde to light blonde hair and

Glam Lights # 3 for light brown to dark blonde hair.

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We had a small brunch while we were waiting for the hair dye to take effect, when I had a chance to get a recommendation for my hair colour (I’m supposed to use #2).

40 minutes later, Leona showed us the results – beautiful, subtly highlighted hair with golden sheen.

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I can see that this set will be the hit. It is already available in DM drugstores (probably in others, too, but I haven’t had the time to check) and it retails for 65 kunas ($12).


In the end, all attendees received a gift-bag which contained L’Oreal Préférence Glam Lights set, Arginine Resist shampoo and detangles and new L’oreal Miss Manga mascara.

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I would like to thank L’Oreal Paris Croatia and Alert for inviting me. I really enjoyed the brunch and I’m looking forward to trying L’Oreal Préférence Glam Lights on my hair.

What do you plan to do with your hair this summer?

xoxo Tamara

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