OPI Brazil Collection Swatches – updated

opi brazil group

Hello lovelies,

I think this will be my most picture-heavy post. Back when I first saw promo images of OPI Brazil collection, I thought that I might get a coral and a pink shade. Then I decided that a yellow is nice. After that, those nudes looked good, too. Then, I thought AmazOn AmazOff is very unique. The epilogue – I have bought the entire collection. Colour-wise, this collection is not that unique (hence dupes post will follow soon), but I found all the shades right up my alley.

I’ll give some general info first – before I head into swatching.

– DUPES – part 1 here; part 2 here

– I hate OPI brush with passion – it is too wide and not rounded enough. I can’t make a neat line around the cuticle.

– all the shades, except Red Hot Rio and Next Stop… The Bikini Zone were swatched in 2 coats. These two were swatched in 3 coats. I used no top or base coat.

– AmazON AmazOFF stains your nails like crazy. I’ve had it on for 5 minutes that it took me to take the photos and after removing it, I had a nice teal tinted nails.

– I found the formula good – the crèmes were a bit streaky in one coat, but the second coat evened it out. These crèmes are much nicer than Essie one

– I apologise for the horrible state of my nails and cuticles – I decided to swatch the collection right after washing a dishes. I tried to oil it, but it didn’t help much. I strongly suggest you not to click on the photos:)

– Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around is missing at the moment because the seller forgot to put it in the box. However, it is on its way to Croatia and I’ll update the post as soon as I get it.

Let’s go to swatches:

opi amazon amazoff

AmazON AmazOFF was the hardest to photograph. My camera hates blueish greens and make them all look blue. It is actually a dark greenish teal shade – it is more on the green side than the swatches suggest. I’d say that the most accurate swatch is the one in shadow without flash. I was surprised to see that the shade has a shimmer, even though the base is crème, but the shimmer isn’t visible on the nail. It was opaque in two coats.

opi don't bossa nova me around

Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around is a pale, almost white looking grey crème. It is very pigmented, opaque in one coat.



opi i just cant copeacabana

I Just Can’t Cope-a-Cabana is a bright crème yellow. It was surprisingly easy to work with, although a bit streaky in one coat.

opi I sao paulo over there

I Sao Paulo Over There is a medium dark crème taupe grey. It has a good formula, without streakiness.

opi kiss me im brazilian

Kiss Me I’m Brazilian is a bright neutral toned pink crème. It was a bit thick and not as easy to work with, but I managed.

opi live love carnaval

Live.Love.Carnaval. is a pinky coral crelly. It has one of the best formula, almost opaque in one coat.

opi next stop the bikini zone

Next Stop… The Bikini Zone is a metallic purple foil duochrome. The duochrome effect is very weak, albeit it is stronger in real life. It shifts from purple to goldish olive green. The formula was thin and a bit sheer – it required three coats.

opi opi scores a goal

OPI Scores a Goal is another shade which refused to cooperate with the camera. I tried to tweak the photos a bit, but I didn’t get the result I wanted. On the photos it looks like a muted burgundy, but it is more purple in real life. It has a crème formula, opaque in two coats. It was a bit thick.

opi red hot rio

Red Hot Rio is a red jelly. The formula is very sheer and thin so I used three coats.

opi taupeless beach

Taupeless Beach is a light crème taupe grey. The formula was a bit thicker, but easy to work with. It had a pretty good pigmentation – almost a one coater.


opi toucan do it if you try

Toucan Do It If You Try is an orange toned coral crelly. I had no problems with application or formula.


opi where did suzis man go

Where Did Suzi’s Man-Go? is an orange crème. It has a bit of chalkiness to it. The application was ok – a bit uneven in one coat, but perfect in two coats. It is a crème after all.

I can’t really pick my favourite, although I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised by Next Stop… The Bikini Zone. I actually didn’t plan to order it, but now I’m glad I did. It turned out to be one of my favourites.

Did you buy anything from this collection?

xoxo Tamara


2 thoughts on “OPI Brazil Collection Swatches – updated

  1. Amazon Amazoff zbilja jako fleka nokte; doduše nisam ga isprobala preko baze, ali cure na Makeup alley isto kažu da farba čak i preko baze. Lakove sam naručila sam preko e-baya – ispadne duplo jeftinije nego kod nas..

  2. Htijela sam Amazonka ali me niti malo ne privlači ako boja nokte…i Kiss Me I’m Brazilian mi je predivan:) Gdje si ih uzela? Vrebala sam kolekciju kod nas po Mulleru (po Zagrebu) početkom mjeseca, ali nije bila stigla, ne znam jel se u međuvremenu promijenila situacija…

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