DANCE LEGEND New Messiah Swatch & Review

dance legend messiah

Hello lovelies,

no make-up Monday today. I have planned to review Chanel pressed powder, but my klutziness prevented me from taking photos of how it looks on the skin. Basically, I’ve managed to cut my face – the cut is very long – from forehead to chin and I really hope it won’t scar. This means that I won’t be wearing make-up until it heals.

A good thing is that I have a bunch of nail polish swatches in my photo folder, so there’ll be new posts. Today I’ll show you the swatch of another Dance Legend holo – New Messiah

FORMULA and APPLICATION: a bit thick but I could work with it. Even though it is pretty pigmented, the first coat applied unevenly, creating some bald spots. The second coat evened out everything.

COLOUR and FINISH: A pale gold linear holo. Without sunlight, it looks chalky, but the holo effect is super strong under sunlight.

MY COMMENT: My main gripe with gold holos are that they often pull green (the majority of gold holo swatch sticks are grouped with green) so I’m pretty happy that New Messiah actually looks gold on the nail. In spite of the chalkiness, I love this holo. I just need to keep in mind to wear it exclusively on sunny days.

Swatch: 2 coats, no base or top coat

dance legend messiah 2

dance legend messiah 1

dance legend messiah 3

xoxo Tamara

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