Skincare Sunday: SR SKINCARE Glycolic (30%) and Lactic/Salicylic (20%) Acid Peels Review

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Hello lovelies,

it’s time for another skincare Sunday. Ages ago, I promised you to review SR Skincare acids. After using them for 5 months, I feel I can finally give a good review. The acids are from their Active Solutions line. They are available in various concentrations and they come with a bottle of neutralizer, brush/cotton rounds and instructions. They retail from 6GBP for the lowest concentration and the bottle contains 30 ml.

Glycolic acid – 30%

as glycolic peel

My skin is very tough and resistant so I immediately started with a pretty high concentration – 30%. I decant a bit of acid into a small plastic bowl and apply it with a brush that comes with it. It is suggested to keep it on a face for a couple of minutes the first time and then to gradually increase the period it is on with every other wear. After that period you apply a neutralizer and wash it off.

As I’ve mentioned, my skin is very tolerant so I decided to keep it on for 10 minutes (I didn’t feel any stinging or see any redness). Basically, it felt like a water on my face. I used it twice a week for a month and I didn’t notice any exfoliation. My skin was the same as always. My pores weren’t clearer, my skin wasn’t brighter. If there were any results, they were barely visible.

I am a bit disappointed with this acid – I thought 30% was enough even for my skin, but I was wrong.

Lactic/Salicylic acid – 20%

as salicylic acid

I decided to pick a lower concentration of this acid because the web site stated that it is much stronger than glycolic acid. It turns out I was right and , to be honest, I think I should have gone with 15%. I started using it after using glycolic acid for a month.

You apply this acid with a cotton round which you get with your package. You leave it on for a minute, gradually increasing the time every time you wear it. After that you apply neutralizer and wash it off.

This acid really burns – the first time I put it my face felt on fire. I barely managed to keep the acid on for 2 minutes. Luckily, I didn’t see any redness. As I continued with the use, my skin got used to the acid so I could tolerate it for longer periods (but never for more than 10 minutes).

I’m not too happy with this acid. In spite of irritation, my skin barely peeled. I only got a minor nose peeling after I didn’t put a moisturizer on. Honestly, the pain wasn’t worth it.


It seems that these acids weren’t for my skin at the moment. I’ve been using them for 5 months and I haven’t noticed any obvious improvement in the condition of my skin. I will stop using them at the end of March because they can photosensitize the skin and start to use them again in October (since I have over half a bottle left of each). Maybe I’ll introduce a stronger concentration of salicylic since I could see the effect of this one.

xoxo Tamara

One thought on “Skincare Sunday: SR SKINCARE Glycolic (30%) and Lactic/Salicylic (20%) Acid Peels Review

  1. Ladies, avoid this skincare like the plague! SR skincare never gets back to you if you email or call, doesn’t print ingredients on products so goodness knows what is actually in them! One vitamin C cream I tried actually smelt like bathroom cleaner, and another serum smelt like saliva. The company address if you google it actually comes up with a house address, if you order the same cream you will get a different consistency each time, not to mention a wierd feeling on your skin after application, please avoid at all costs as doesn’t seem a kosha firm at all!

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