Skincare Sunday: SISLEY Eau Efficace Review

eau efficacce

Hello lovelies,

the last few months I’ve been so focused on nail polish that I have forgotten about all other niches of cosmetics industry. Therefore, I decided that Sunday will be a day devoted to skincare. The first installment of the series will be dedicated to Sisley’s cleansing water Eau Efficace. Although it is not described as such, I’d called it overpriced micellar water.

It comes in a great packaging – to be honest, this was the decisive point – with a convenient dispenser on which you simply put a cotton round and press down (don’t press too hard, or the product will squirt all around). Once I’m done with this water, I plan to keep my toner inside. The bottle contains 300ml and costs GBP71. The consistency is water-like – therefore “eau” in the name. Like all other Sisley products, it has a light herbal scent which might take some time to grow on you.

The product is described as “a 3 in 1 cleansing treatment that deeply purifies, hydrates and desensitised the skin whilst removing all impurities and traces of pollution. Formulated with deeply cleansing plant-based saponins, Eau Efficace removes even the thickest make up and leaves the skin cleansed and toned without needing to rinse.” Seems great, huh? Well, as the majority of marketing claims, this is not true.


I find that it is not strong enough to dissolve make-up and it certainly doesn’t remove it completely. I tried to use as my only make-up remover and woke up to a make-up coloured pillow. I don’t even wear waterproof make-up.

Currently it has found a place as a second cleanser in my routine. First I remove the majority of make-up with Lyslait and Gariner Eye Make-Up remover. Then I use Eau Efficace to remove what remained. I need approximately 2-3 pumps per cotton round (I only use one cotton round for this step). Even then Eau Efficace doesn’t take off all the make-up – I have to use a face wash to take everything off. I also don’t like the way my skin feels after using this – slightly sticky.

On the plus side, Eau Efficace doesn’t irritate my eyes and it is super gentle on my skin. I can’t say that it hydrates, but it certainly doesn’t dry my skin out.

While Eau Efficace gives a luxurious aspect to cleansing, I’m not willing to shell out over $140 for something that could be done with much cheaper micellar water. I will continue to use Eau Efficace and I might repurchase it at some point later in life when I feel like treating myself, but at this point I plan to replace it with simple Bioderma micelle water.

Here’s the photo of the dispenser.

eau efficace pump

What’s your favourite cleanser?

xoxo Tamara

3 thoughts on “Skincare Sunday: SISLEY Eau Efficace Review

  1. Cleansing milk with sage works as well as Lyslait, I love it.

    Sisley makeup removers doesn’t make skin irritated and very gentle and also clean too. Worth money.😀

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