February Empties :)

february empties

Hello lovelies,

even though February is the shortest month, when it comes to empties, it was epic. I usually keep my empties in a small box, but this time they couldn’t fit inside so I needed to find a new home for them. I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve finished so much products.


february empties makeup

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Essence de Gloss in Ambre is a very good lipgloss – pigmented, moisturizing but not too sticky. Although the tube is not transparent, I used up everything I could get on the brush. I’d definitely repurchase.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Strass Lipstick in Rose de la Reine is a moisturizing but super shimmery lipstick. However, I didn’t like the shimmer much because it felt too gritty. I am a fan of Guerlain lipsticks, but I won’t repurchase this one.

I am so sad to see Guerlain Kiss Kiss Baby in Crystal Nude. This was one of my favourite lip balms which is sadly discontinued. Plus, this is the first item finished from my 14 for 2014 challenge. Yay for me:)

Sisley Instant Perfect primer is just a basic silicone primer. It works well as a preparatory step to smooth out skin prior to applying make-up.

Sisley Tinted Moisturizer is just a basic, no-frills tinted moisturizer. The shade #1 matches me perfectly, but for what it is, it is not worth the money and I wouldn’t buy a full size.

Sisley Skinleya is the most expensive foundation I’ve tried. However, quality doesn’t match the price. It has super light coverage, even less than a tinted moisturizer. The shade 20 is too dark for me, but I used it to darken my tinted SPF cream. I certainly won’t repurchase it.


february empties skincare

I think I finished the last sample of Sisley Sisleya Radiance Anti-aging Concentrate. It is ok basic moisturizer, but nothing more than that and certainly not worth the price of over $500

Sisley Tropical Resins Mask is a clay mask for oily skin. Even though I had to use a lot because it is super thick, it lasted a long time. It is a good product but again, not worth the price.

SR Skincare (Forever Young) Advance Solutions Vitamin C serum is the first vitamin C serum I have used. This one comes in a super cheap, bad quality packaging which leaks, so keep in mind how you store it. It is definitely not travel friendly. If I recall correctly, it contains 10% vitamin C and has no added fragrance so it smells awful. The effectiveness of vitamin C is something that can be seen in the long-term, as it is supposed to reverse the sun damage. In short term, vitamin C can whiten dark spots; however, I don’t have a problem with it, so I cannot judge its effectiveness. I’ll continue with vitamin C serums, although I don’t think I’ll pick this one again.

Sisley Express Flower Gel is one of my favourite moisturizing masks. I am unsuccessfully trying to find a cheaper dupe, but with no success so far. If you know any, let me know.  I’d definitely repurchase it, although I’m happy to say that I still have one sample left.

Sisley Sisleya Global Firming Serum is a good, but very overpriced moisturizer.

Nuxe Nirvanesque Yeux is a nice starter eye cream (although my favourite is still SVR Chronolys yeux). Its gel-like consistency and fast absorbtion make it super appropriate to use under make-up. I won’t repurchase it because my eye area requires something more moisturizing.

Eucerin AQUAporin Active Light is a simple basic moisturizer which I might repurchase in summer. It is not moisturizing enough for winter.

Chanel Le Jour de Chanel. Well, don’t waste your money on it. It is super watery quick absorbing lotion which supposedly can be used as a primer before make-up (that’s what a SA said). Well, I do not find it smoothing enough to act as a primer. It should also gently exfoliate, thanks to salicylic acid. Whatever the amount of acid it contains, it is definitely too weak for my skin as I didn’t feel stinging once I put it over a scratch on my face. A bonus is that, unlike other Chanel skincare, the fragrance is very mild. I’m currently using a second sample, so I’ll see if I’ll change my opinion after using it for two weeks.

Bodycare & Fragrance

february empties bodycare

Unlike Crème Reparatrice Corps, I really hate Sisley Confort Extreme body cream (x2). I never get breakouts on my body, but this has clogged the pores on my chest and neck area. In addition, it is not even that moisturizing and it is super pricey. A definite non-repurchase.

For the price they cost Sisley Celluli Pro and Phyto Svelt Global should give me a Victoria’s Secret model body. Well, they don’t. I honestly think that all anti-cellulite creams are a bunch of, pardon my French, bullshit. This goes for them too. If I ignore the anti-cellulite claims, they are an ok, but not so quickly absorbing light moisturizer.

This month I used up two Dead Sea minerals shower gels. This packaging is a bit smaller than the one featured in previous posts. It is a good shower gel.

Oriflame Tender Care balm stinks (not literary, just the scent). Other than this, it is great to treat and soothe dry skin on elbows. They say it can be used as a lip balm, but the smell is so nauseating, I prefer to keep it as far as possible from my face. I have other scented varieties which are agree more with my olfactory perception.

Givenchy Very Irresistible is a generic floriental scent. Nothing really makes it stand out. Nice, but without a character.

Guerlain L’Instant is a fragrance I like better, and which I plan to further explore.


february empties 1

Batiste Blush Dry shampoo is my favourite and I have no idea how I survived without it. It is perfect to refreshen that in-between hair when it is not dirty, but neither is clean and you don’t want to wear a pony tail. I’ll definitely repurchase, although I might try XXL Volume version.

Nivea Long Repair Shampoo is a shampoo. I didn’t find any repairing properties, but on the plus side, it didn’t irritate my scalp. I won’t repurchase.

Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense for fine hair is a definitely no repurchase. I got this sample (and it was supposed to be for thick hair) from Feel unique, but I’m not happy at all. The mask is too watery and it basically felt as if I didn’t put anything on my hair. I know it is supposed to be lighter since it is formulated for fine hair, but I honestly think it wouldn’t do much for it either.

I’m glad that I got rid of a good amount of products. The next empties post will feature empty eyeshadow compact (how often do you see a finished eyeshadow, not to mention a quad?). Here are this month’s and 2014 total empties stats:



MINI: 10



2014 TOTAL


MINI: 19


Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

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