ESSIE Resort Fling 2014 Collection Swatches and Review (all 4 shades)

essie resort 2014 collection

Hello lovelies,

as you know, Essie Resort 2014 mini cube was one of the exceptions in my no-buy. I ordered one last week and it has arrived surprisingly quickly (less than a week). I’m going to talk about each colour in detail below, but first I’d like to start by giving general opinion about the collection.

I really liked all the shades in this collection and I’m sorry I didn’t get a full size. Luckily, this collection lacked classic Essie light lavender/purple. The color scheme reminds me of a beach at sunrise. I know some were disappointed because all the shades look like something Essie already has, but for me this was a welcome change from a bunch of coral, lilac and turquoise Essie polishes I own from previous collections. Formula-wise I liked everything except Find Me and Oasis.

The swatches are made without a base or a top coat. You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

Cocktails & Coconuts (you can click on the photos to enlarge):

A sandy beige crelly with tiny micro-shimmer. If Chanel’s Beige and Frenzy had a baby, I think this is what it would look like. The shimmer is a bit hard to see. This shade is a bit sheer in one coat, but two are very opaque. I had no problems with application (other than slightly wonky brush in my mini bottle).

I was afraid that this wouldn’t look good with my skin-tone, but I ended up liking the way it looks – perfect neutral nails.

Find me an Oasis:

Have I mentioned I hate Essie crèmes with the fire of a thousand suns? Well, I do and Find me an Oasis is no exception. The colour is beautiful – pale baby blue, but the formula makes me scream. It is thick and applies unevenly. Even a second coat looks uneven. It is really a shame because I like the colour very, very much. If you know a dupe with a better formula (crelly or jelly), let me know.

Resort Fling

Resort Fling is a peachy orange with a brownish undertone. Jelly formula is perfect, albeit a bit sheer. This one takes three coats to be completely opaque. Such oranges are not really my type, but I like this one.

Under the Twilight

This is pure perfection – almost opaque in one coat. It is a dark plummy blue crelly. On my nails it pulls more on the blue side, but I can see purple if I apply it in one very, very thin coat. Formula is perfect and easy to work with. A bonus – it is super glossy, even without the top coat.

The collection is already available over the pond. Knowing the speed with which they launch new collections in Croatia, this one will probably available next Christmas😉

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