DECEMBER Shopping part 3 (Dance Legend, OPI, Essie)

dec haul all polishes

Hello lovelies,

finally the last part of my December shopping:) Dance Legend always take a long time to arrive and I ordered the rest the last day of 2013. I’m still going strong with my no-buy and I think I’ll do a nail polish collection post soon, now that all the polishes are here and I know that there won’t be any new-in at least until ILNP spring collection launch. I’ll tell you more about my no-buy in the next no-buy progress post and I’ll reserve this post for the pretties:)

dec haul opi

First is OPI. I didn’t have a lot of those, so I ordered all the polishes from Vintage Minnie Mouse collection and several other: Elephantastic Pink, I Don’t Give A Rotterdam and Happy Anniversary.

dec haul essie

The next is my Essie order. Ever since I realized I could get mini sets at eBay, I’ve wanted them on and off. Finally, I decided that I debated enough and that it will only bother me if I don’t get them, so I ordered last year spring and summer collection minis.

dec haul dance legend

The last is my order from Dance Legend. I love their multichromes (they have a finer pigment, compared to ILNP) so I ordered three more: Sulley, Wazowski and Knight (this one is limited edition and it is not available on their site anymore). They have two other multichromes which are very similar to ILNP Birefringence and Cygnus Loop so I’m not sure I’ll get those. While browsing the site, I noticed Candy Flakes collection. I got Lollypop (pink flakes) and Tinsel (green flakes). I also ordered a top coat for dark polish #603. The bottle shows what the top coat looks on a dark polish – the top coat is actually flakes suspended in slightly dirty transparent polish (you’ll see what I mean when I swatch it).

Well, this is my haul. I have to say that I’m looking forward to putting all these nail polishes to use.

xoxo Tamara

3 thoughts on “DECEMBER Shopping part 3 (Dance Legend, OPI, Essie)

  1. misliš na Essie ili Dance Legend?
    Ako je Essie, oni za svaku kolekciju lansiraju Mini Cube koji sadrži 4 mini bočice laka za nokte.
    Ako je Dance Legend, onda Chameleon lakovi (multichrome) jednostavno dolaze u manjim bočicama (mislim da je 6ml). Koliko znam, svi ostali Dance Legend dolaze u većim 15ml bočicama. Naravno, to nisu nigdje na stranici napisali, tak da sam se poprilično šokirala kad sam vidjela da su multichrome u manjim bočicama.

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