100 Days Cosmetics No-Buy Update 1: Day 14

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Hello lovelies,

this is the 14th day of my 100 day no-buy and I thought I could share how it is going so far. I was afraid that I’ll fail, but so far it is going great. Admittedly, I haven’t been as tempted as I didn’t visit any store and I have yet to go through all the stuff I ordered in December. I know this might seem like cheating, but getting something new in a mail now and then really helps to curb the shopping instinct (this was my initial plan – to slowly receive packages over January and February, but the post office thwarted my plans by delivering a bunch of stuff on the second day).

Although my initial rules stated that I’m only allowed to buy 2 Essie mini nail polish sets (Spring and Resort 2014) and UD Naked 3, I’ve decided to change that rule a bit. Barbra from ILNP announced new multichromes (I hope she’ll show them soon) in her spring collection and I think that I’d rather get several ILNPs during presale (when they are cheaper) than Essie minis which I can get any time I want. So, if I buy 4 or less ILNPs, I can still buy only one Essie mini set. If I buy 5 or more ILNPs, I can’t get any Essie until the no-buy is over.

I also created a wishlist of all the nail polishes I want – there are over 100 nail polishes there. Then I went to see swatches and minimized the list to around 80 polishes I really want because I have no dupes. My biggest lemmings so far are China Glaze Fancy Pants (as if I don’t have enough purplish blues), China Glaze 2030 (that’s one gorgeous gold) and several OPI liquid sands from Mariah Carey collection.

Oh, another thing I’m looking forward this summer is that we’ll finally get Ikea. For several weeks I’ve been looking for acceptable nail polish storage. Wall racks look great but each would cost me over $100 (which could also buy me a bunch of polish) plus I like to keep my nail polish in dark place to prevent pigments changing due to sunlight exposure. Alex looks very elegant and it would be a good solution to get two to store all my cosmetics, but it is too expensive. In the end I settled for Helmer – I don’t like that it is made of metal, but it seems sturdy and big enough to hold my whole collection. I searched for other solutions, but I don’t dare to go to Kika to randomly pick a piece of furniture to store my polish because I’m not sure if it can handle the weight of nail polish bottles.

The first thing I plan to order once this no-buy is over is a bunch of Liquid Sky, Femme Fatale and maybe more Jade from color4nails. I’ll have enough time to decide whether to order all at the same time, pay lower shipping and possibly 25% of tax and customs fees or order smaller packages which will turn out to be more expensive, but which are also more likely to avoid customs fees. Ah, first world problems.

I wrote the text above before I cleaned out my cosmetics storage/closet and saw what I actually have (you can see all my cosmetics, with the exception of a cleanser, serums and shower gels below). It barely fit on my table. The train case is completely filled with make-up that is waiting for its turn and my nail polish collection looks much bigger once it is spread out like this, instead of squeezed in the closet. Now I really see that my no-buy was a necessity.

no buy 2014

I plan to save this photo and put it as a desktop background on my phone and maybe print it and put it in my wallet with cards so that every time I am tempted to buy something I can be reminded that I don’t really need it.

I didn’t do much progress with my 2014 bucket list – at least when it comes to being organized and working out. The good thing is that I have finally eaten all Christmas sweets, so there’s nothing in the house to tempt me. This means that I’ll probably start working out more intensely (walking doesn’t count) and eating more healthy. I have found my 2014 journal I got back in December at Lidl (it was dirt cheap, but it looked very elegant) and I thought I could liven it up a bit by adding a decorative scotch tape. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as good as I thought it would. Well, I’ll have to live with it. Anyway, the only thing I managed to schedule is that I’m supposed to wake up at 7AM. Yay for me.

Ok, I rambled enough. You’ll hear from me in two more weeks (on 28th January) when I’ll hopefully announce that my no-buy is still going strong and that I really don’t like and don’t need those ILNP spring collection nail polishes.

If you are on a no buy too, I hope yours goes as well as mine.

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

10 thoughts on “100 Days Cosmetics No-Buy Update 1: Day 14

  1. Reblogged this on Perpetual Project and commented:
    I have 88 days till IMATS NYC 2014. I am not buying any makeup for 88 days until I can let loose and kill it with OCC , LIt and Inglot. There are so many more but I am compiling a list and checking it twice. I need to shop my stash and I will giving some updates of how good or bad it went.

  2. Ne znam baš za blog sale:) To bi odmah riješilo moj problem, ali je stvar u tome što ja zaista obožavam svaki komad kozmetike koji imam. Nekad samo otvorim ormar i zaljubljeno gledam i mislim si “My Precious” [slobodno ubaci sliku Golluma ovdje]:)
    Ukoliko se kakav blog sale ipak dogodi, bit će objavljeno na blogu:)

  3. I am actually thinking of putting myself on another No-Buy, lol. I just ended last December 1st (mine was from May), but I cheated A LOT so I thought I should start it back up and not falter. Le sigh! But good luck on your endeavor. I’m happy the 14th day is still a good day. I should do that wallpaper thing.:)

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