New In: December shopping pt. 2 – INDIE nail polishes (Darling Diva, Femme Fatale, Elevation, Liquid Sky, Lacquistry, Alanna Renee)

dechaul all bottles

Hello lovelies,

this is the second part of my December shopping (I still haven’t bought anything in January). This one will feature exclusively indie nail polishes (I’ve gotten a bit indie-crazy the last month). Tomorrow, I’ll talk about how my no-buy has been going a bit more, so that this post can be focused on nail polishes.

1. Femme Fatale (I order it from color4nails, but they have their own site: Femme Fatale Cosmetics)

dec haul femme fatale

It is Australian brand with glitter packed jelly base nail polishes. A bit of glitter fishing is necessary (especially if you want to catch a certain shape, but overall you get enough glitter on the brush. Each polish comes in a matte black cardboard box and the bottle contains 12 ml.

I ordered: Burning Blossom, Wickerman Embers, Edge of the Cosmos, Wolfsbane and Nightsong Grotto.

2. Darling Diva (I ordered from their Bigcatrel store, but they also have Etsy shop)

dec haul darling diva

They had a sale, so I ordered several shades and I’m totally in love with this brand. Although I thought that I won’t like them, the last two shades are absolute perfection and I can’t wait to show you swatches.

I ordered: Perdita, Honey Do, Bethany and Chandelle.

3. Elevation Polish (I order it from their Bigcartel store)

dec haul elevation polish

Elevation Polish also had a sale and, although the shades on sale weren’t love at first sight, I managed to pick three. When I got them, I was very surprised – the nail polishes were amazing and much prettier than on their site.

I ordered Trift, Marmolada and 2AM Walks with Farrihn.

4. Liquid Sky Lacquer (I order it from color4nails, but they also have their Bigcartel store)

dec haul liquid sky

I picked three of these on color4nails sale. My first impression when I got them was that they are surprisingly runny for a glitter packed nail polish. All shades are from their Haloween collection.

I ordered: Dem Bones, Trick or Treat and Witching Hour

5. Lacquistry (you can get it from her Etsy store) and Alanna Renee (I got it from color4nails, but it is also available on Femme Fatale and on her site).

dec haul lacquistry alanna

Lacquistry’s Amazeballz! would definitely be the nail polish of the year, had I got it earlier. Although my camera hates it, so it refuses to photograph it well, it is, just like the name suggests Amazeballs. The bottle I ordered is a medium sized – contains 30 ml of nail polish and costs $30. There is also smaller (normal size) 15 ml bottle and super huge 75 ml bottle. Alanna Renne is another Australian nail polish brand and I picked one to try. Had I known that Darling Diva Perdita is very similar, I would have picked a different shade.

I ordered: Amazeballz! and Lenny.

Well, this would be all. I’m looking forward to trying these polishes. I’m glad I’ll have something to entertain me during my no-buy (86 days to go).

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

5 thoughts on “New In: December shopping pt. 2 – INDIE nail polishes (Darling Diva, Femme Fatale, Elevation, Liquid Sky, Lacquistry, Alanna Renee)

  1. Currently I have the swatches of Emily de Molly (Hardware), Indigo Bananas (Suneater) and Liquid Sky (Witching Hour) ready to post and I’ll post them this week. If you’d like to see a swatch of any other polish, please let me know:)

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