NEW IN: Layla, Color Club, OPI

new cc, opi layla

Hello lovelies,

someone needs to stop me from buying all the polishes:) Here are the nail polishes which arrived this week and I have a bunch of them on their way to me. I can’t even keep track of them all:)

On the top photo you can see my Color Club Halo Hues. At first I only planned to get several from each collection and in the end, I ended up getting all of them. The holo is super, super strong – this photo was taken in shadow and you can still see the holo effect. There are only two nail polishes which have a weaker holo effect: Kismet and Eternal Beauty.

new cc, opi layla 3

I also couldn’t resist trying some of Layla Hologram nail polishes. They offer a variety of colours, but I decided to pick the shades which I don’t have in a holo version (well, except pink). I got Gold Idol (which looks more like a green to me), Shock Pink and Emerald Divine (this one is absolutely fabulous green). I also got 3 nail buffing files – it seems that, to make the application easier, you have to prepare your nails with a nail buffer. Each polish cost me $13.

new cc, opi layla 2

What is a nail blogger without an OPI nail polish? I ordered five of them for a start, but I have 3 more on their way to me. I got Germanicure (burgundy), My Pointe Exactly (grey) and I Theodora You (pink). I also ordered two DS (designer series). They come with silver caps and back in time (when I wasn’t so much into nail polish) they were fabulous linear holos. The two I picked are more of a scattered holo type and I have to say that they remind me a lot of Oriflame Palladium nail polishes. I got DS Reflection (red) and DS Opulence (pink).

Well, this would be all for today although, knowing me, I might have another new in post soon.

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara

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