declutter all makeup

Hello lovelies,

do you find yourselves looking at some make-up item from your collection and wondering: “When did I get it?”, “I didn’t know I have a zillion pink blushes?” or worse “Why did I buy this ____ [insert item like neon yellow eyeshadow that you’ll never wear]?”

Gone are the days when I could name every single item from my collection out of my head. Nowadays, if I want to do an inventory post, I need to have all the makeup with me. What’s worse, a considerable part of my “collection” are items that are close to being finished.

I usually reserve such posts for January, but I’ve been watching several pinksofoxy videos and, while I wasn’t as radical (meaning I won’t throw or give my make-up away), I decided to organize my collection. I didn’t really put any effort into taking pictures – it took me so long to sort everything out.

The following collage represents my whole make-up collection:

When I see this collage, I’m glad that the only cosmetics related thing I bought in the UK is Sally Hansen top coat. It was hard to resist the temptation, but luckily I have the majority of the brands I’m interested in available on-line. I’ve been close to pulling the trigger on Clarins mini lip set, but I managed to resist and at the airport I didn’t have much time left to browse cosmetics (plus they had no good offers).

Anyway, I decided to pick out all the products that are either close to being finished (damn you Dior blush, you are impossible to spend) or that I simply want to finish because I have something similar and/or better waiting for me. Of course, there are also items which I use daily and have no dupes of.

Here are the products I’ve picked in my “use-it-up” box:

– eyeshadow palettes:

declutter palettes

The top left is almost finished. I plan to use it a bit, but since it is a limited edition, I won’t use it up completely. I recently acquired two Naked palettes, which are much better quality than Guerlain eyeshadow, so I want to finish Brun Mordore and Perles des Mers quads. Guerlain duo is actually a great product, but I put it here because sometimes I need a quick fool-proof look. Two Art Deco eyeshadows are almost done. Guerlain Jeu de Nuit quad is very dark and I often use it as an eyeliner. The final Guerlain quad is a bit dark and not of a superb quality.

eye liners, mascaras, brows, single eyeshadows:

declutter eye products

First Oriflame mascara is almost done and Wonderlash is my regular mascara. Essence primer is half-way done. I use Duraline to transform shadows into eyeliners. Guerlain eyeliner is almost done, and I have several uses of Urban Decay and Sisley liners. Chanel is my go-to eyebrow product while Anastasia is a bit too warm for my brows, so I might use it as an eyeshadow.

I have way too much pink eyeshadows and I’m thinking of getting rid of Catrice Gilbert’s grapefruit (not on picture) because it is simply horrible. Loreal Infallible is great, so I added it for a variety. Sisley is almost while Inglot is half-way done. The other two Ingot eyeshadows are used as an all over lid shade.

lipsticks and lipglosses:

declutter lips

Two lip balms on the left are almost done, Guerlain lipstick is almost not used, YSL is half way done, Oriflame is new, the other Guerlain is half way done.

Guerlain lipgloss is almost finished, just like the red  Yves Rocher gloss. Sisley and transparent Yves Rocher are almost full.

I have put my only two lipliners here just in case.

foundations, powders and primers:

declutter face

I currently rarely use a foundation and I prefer Oriflame BB cream or Uriage tinted SPF cream. The primer is a sample of Sisley Instant perfect (have a full-size back-up) and I hope that I’ll finally finish Lancôme concealer. Oriflame concealer is almost full.

I’m currently using Nacre des Mers powder, but I’ll probably switch to Mythic Parfait. There are also Meteorites in Teint Dore.

blushes and bronzers:

declutter blush

Here is, of course, the impossible to spend Dior blush. There is also Guerlain blush which I really like and which is discontinued, but I’ll use it up a bit before retiring it. I was supposed to finish this bronzer this summer, but I wasn’t in a mood for bronzy look. I’ll try to use it for contouring (if it is not too warm). The peachy Guerlain blush is put on the list because I have a Sisley blush in the back-up, while the broken one is my favourite contouring/highlighting product. I use pink Meteorites as a subtle blush.

In an ideal situation, my decision would be not buying a single product unless I have finished five products from this post, but I know that I won’t be able to stick with it. I’ve been on similar projects before and, while they were partially successful, I didn’t manage to stick to the rules, so I won’t put any rules this time. What makes it easier is the fact that other than Chanel holiday palette, Naked 2 palette and Bourjois foundation, nothing make-up related doesn’t tempt me. Nail polish, on the other hand, I have a super long list.

I plan to going back to write monthly empties posts and I also plan to do my skincare and later nail polish inventory.

Did you undertake such a project? Was it successful?

Thank you for reading,

xoxo Tamara


4 thoughts on “MAKEUP COLLECTION AND DECLUTTERING (Out of sight, out of mind)

  1. Awesome post!:) I am planning a makeup organizational post later, too. I’ve been wanting to make an inventory post, but I don’t know if I could take it! Haha.

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