FLORMAR Nail Enamel #394 Swatch and Review

flormar 394 bottle

Hello lovelies,

we’ll enter the month of October with an interesting Flormar nail polish. Flormar is a Turkish company and its products have been recommended to me several times. I decided to get a nail polish and among many shades, this one stood out. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you the shade #394.

#394 looks kind of bland in bad lighting. However, put it out in the sunlight and it will show its amazingness. It is a goldish brown shade packed with scattered holographic shimmer. One coat works as a layering polish, but two coats are needed to achieve complete opaqueness. Holographic scattered shimmer is very difficult to take pictures of and I have to say that the polish looks a hundred times more amazing in real life. Pictured don’t do it justice.

I have to mention that the shimmer is relatively big and as the polish dries, the shimmer starts to feel gritty. When the polish is completely dry, the shimmer gives it a weak textured effect.

The brush is very good. The long cap makes the polish a bit inconvenient to store. This shade wears for two to three days.

The polish retails for around $3 which is a good value for such a nice nail polish.

Have you tried this or any other Flormar nail polish? Which other shades can you recommend?

flormar 394

flormar 394 swatch

flormar 394 swatch 2

Thank you for reading.

xoxo Tamara

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