BORN PRETTY Nail Art Sticker Decoration Bling Glitter Powder Ball Pattern 9 In 1 Set + NOTD

bp glitter bottles

Hello lovelies,

Today I’m going to review Born Pretty Nail Art Glitter set and I’ll show you the manicure I did using this set.

Born Pretty Nail Art Sticker Decoration Bling Glitter Powder Ball Pattern 9 In 1set* is available in 5 different patterns (shimmer powder, hexagonal glitter, “caviar” pearls, glitter stripes and star/heart shaped glitter. Each set retails for $3.64 on Born Pretty Store, but you can get 10% off with TSG10 code:)

I have picked the pattern #5 (hexagonal glitter). This set is a great value with enough variety and a great option if you want to dab into a nail art without spending much money.

The set is packed in a cardboard box inside of which is a thin plastic box which keeps everything organized. There were random glitter particles over the plastic box, but they probably ended there during manufacturing as all the glitter bottles were sealed.

The set contains:

bp glitter set 1

– mini nail file (very gentle and good on the go)

– mini wooden stick (perfect for picking up the glitter)

– mini glue (I haven’t tried it – I’ll explain later)

bp glitter set 2

– a set of 6 mini bottles of hexagonal glitter

The glitter comes in 6 colours: orange, pink, silver, white, blue and gold.

Each bottle is very tiny, but it is packed with glitter. These bottles will go a long way.

bp glitter set size

On the photo  below you can see how the bottle size compares to the size of Born Pretty Holo polish.

bp glitter set c

And here are the close-ups of the bottles (you can click on each photo to enlarge):

Finally, here’s the manicure. I put the glitter only as an accent because I thought it would be too time consuming to apply the glitter on every nail. Actually, the application is very quick. You have to moist the tip of the wooden stick so that you can pick the glitter up and apply it on the nail.

I didn’t use the glue which came with the set. Instead I put a coat of a slow drying transparent nail polish and then applied the glitter. I used silver glitter (with holo flashes) and white glitter which, applied over Born Pretty holo #9 flashed green and blue.

bp glitter notd

bp glitter notd2

Thank you for reading.

xoxo Tamara

* = pr sample

3 thoughts on “BORN PRETTY Nail Art Sticker Decoration Bling Glitter Powder Ball Pattern 9 In 1 Set + NOTD

  1. Love the way you used the hex glitter for an accent on one nail. Super cute and a great way to save some time. Thanks for sharing the review, and I’ll be back to see what you share next.

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