SISLEY Phyto Lip Shine in #11 Sheer Baby Review, Ingredients and Swatch

Sisley Phyto Lip Shine lipstick stood ignored in my traincase for some time, but having finished the majority of nude shades I’ve had, I’m ready to use it again.

Sisley Phyto Lip Shine lipstick has 3 grams (less that average) and retails for $50.

It comes with a black velvet pouch.

Sheer Baby is a nudeish peachy pink shade with tiny golden shimmer which is visible under certain angles. Even though the name claims that it is sheer, I wouldn’t say so – 2 coats give a pretty decent opacity and cover my natural lip colour very well.

The lipstick has a slightly weird taste. I can’t describe it, but it bothers me slightly.

The texture and consistency of this lipstick are not as creamy and smooth like, let’s say Guerlain Rouge Automatique or YSL Rouge Pur Couture. Phyto Lip Shine is moisturizing, but it has a slightly waxy feeling to it and it feels heavy on the lips. However, this waxy appearance is a bonus during winter, when it successfully protects the lips from the cold wind.

The lipstick is very longlasting – it lasts for 3-4 hours if I don’t drink or eat.

I’ll probably repurchase it again because this shade is a good neutral/nude lip shade which doesn’t wash me out.

Sisley Phyto Lip shine INGREDIENTS:

Phyto Lip Shine in Sheer Baby swatches (under different angles):

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