SISLEY Global Perfect Pore Minimizer Review and Ingredients

Sisley Global Perfect Pore Minimizer is the new product launched this fall. It comes in a 30ml pump bottle and retails for $210. It promises tightened pores, smooth and flawless skin.

My major skin issue are my pores which are huge (just check any of my foundation review and you’ll see what I’m talking about). Otherwise my skin is pretty OK, a blemish or redness here and there and oily T-zone.

Since Global Perfect pore minimizer seemed like an answer to all my skin issues, I couldn’t wait to try it. A nice SA gave me the sample a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been using it since then. The sample is tiny (1,5ml), but it has lasted for two weeks of once per day usage and there’s still some left.

According to the SA, it can be used twice per day, on its own or like a serum underneath the moisturizer. I’ve been using it together with Hydra-Global and Tropical Resins Complex, but only in the evening.

The consistency is creamy and a little goes a long way. It has slightly peachy-pinkish colour and the scent is the same like the scent of Sisleya Global Anti Age cream. The scent disappears upon application.

It skinks immediately and it could be used under make-up as a primer.

Now, the effects. After two weeks of usage I can see that my pores are slightly, but only slightly, diminished and there is less redness on my skin. However, the effect is not dramatic enought to justify paying the full price, in my opinion. This is the best pore tightening product I have found so far, but for $210 I expect more dramatic effect. I still have some Bioderma pore minimizer to test and only then I’ll be able to decide whether Global Perfect is worth it.

7 thoughts on “SISLEY Global Perfect Pore Minimizer Review and Ingredients

  1. I forgot to mention Sisley store in Praška street (they have a nice SA’s), Chanel store on the corner of Ilica and Mesnička street (they have the whole Les Exclusifs range, which isn’t as widely available, plus the ordinary range) and if you’re into the niche fragrance, there is Flores niche store (in Dežmanov prolaz – very close to Chanel) which have a wide range of niche fragrances.

  2. Sadly, I can’t remember any brand that I have tried that is available only in Croatia and nowhere else. It seems to me that there is a bigger range of products in Hungary.
    There are Sapunoteka soaps with which I’m not too happy, but I don’t know if there is an actual store.
    There is also Illamasqua at Cvjetni Trg in Zagreb (I don’t know if you have it in Hungary or not).
    Kozmo drugstore have their own store brand – I like Olea hydrating toner, but I haven’t tried anything else. They also have another range – I think that the packaging has a lace motifs – the range has a mask, a lip balm and I think a cream.
    If you’re into natural products, I think that there is a brand Ulola which has scrubs and soaps. It is available in drugstores, I think I saw it in DM. There is also (available in DM) a brand which makes a serum/cream made of propolis – I think it is called Dermapip or something similar. The girls in Croatia rave about it and I’m considering trying it too.
    I hope this has been helpful. If I remember somethin else, I’ll add it later.

  3. Can u recommend me something that we can buy in Croatia and nowhere else?E.g a face cream or something special…. On Monday afternoon I have to travel back to Hungary but I would like to buy something:)

  4. The pores look like smaller and Cl. Pore Minimizer helps your skin to stay matte for long hours. I love it, I wouldn’t change it to another:) U can use it on your foundation or just on your face without foundation on T-zone. I use the darker shade(2).

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