SISLEY Phyto Blush Eclat Comparison of the Older vs. Newer Version

Since I finally own both versions of Sisley Phyto Blush Eclat (although in different shades), I’ve wanted to do a post with the packaging comparison.

Both versions of the blush retail for the same price (at least in Croatia). However, you get less for the same price. The older version contains 10 grams, while the new version has “only” 7 grams (still very generous).


Also, both blushes come in a black velvet pouch and contain the brush of the same size and the mirror in the cover of the compact.

The older packaging is a black lacquered plastic case, which seems very elegant in my opinion. The new version has a trashy zebra print on the white plastic cover with a metallic red “S” written on the top.

The size of the compact remained the same, but the size of the pans inside didn’t. The pan in the new blush is considerably smaller.


The older blush has only a “sisley” and the black orchid printed in, while the new version has a zebra stripes relief (and the blush itself is in zebra pattern).

While the brighter colour predominates in the old version, the new version has a more equal distribution of the shades.

As for the blush itself, I feel that the older is more versatile because the two shades: bright and light pink, are clearly separated and both parts are big enough and clearly separated so you can either use each separately or mix them.

With the new version of the blush, because of the pattern, it is much harder to separately use darker and lighter colour. It is possible, but you’d need a very narrow brush.




The new version comes in 5 shades, and three of them are the repromoted older version (Pink, Peach and Mango). The shade #2 Pinky Berry seems like a dupe to Litchi duo to me, but according to my Sisley SA, it isn’t.

Another new shade is #05 Pinky Coral (the one I own). I’ll review that shade later in the year (November or December).

I hope that this has been helpful.

If you have any favorites among the older shades, you don’t have to worry that they’ll be gone.

Thank you for reading:)