DECLARÉ Hydro-Energy Moisture Boost Cream-Gel Ingredients and Review

Hydro-Energy was my introduction to the Swiss brand Declaré.

I was intrigued by it for a very long time; however, while not too pricey, it was still too expensive to buy it without previous testing.

When I saw that they offer travel-sizes of some of their creams, I couldn’t resist. I’ve bough Hydro-Energy for a start, although in winter I may try something richer.

The travel-size creams come in a 15ml jar and Hydro-Energy retailed for $8. Others cost approximately in the range of $10-15. If I remember correctly the full-size of the cream costs somewhere around $20-25.

The travel-size cream doesn’t come in a box, but the opening is sealed with a foil which is pretty difficult to open.

The consistency of Hydro-energy is just like the name suggests: a creamy gel; a bit more creamy than, let’s say, Sisley Floral mask. The cream has a light mint colour and light, inoffensive scent which disappears upon application. A little goes a long way – a pea-sized amount was more than enough for my face.

Once applied, it sinks in quickly and it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.

As for the effect, it is amazing. Since it is a cream-gel I didn’t expected it to be so moisturizing, but it is. My skin type is oily, but very dehydrated so I’m always trying to find something that will moisturize without being greasy. Hydro-Energy perfectly moisturizes my skin without making it too oily. It works well under make-up, too.

It definitely fixed my skin after Dior One Essential Serum ruined it. Hydro-Energy didn’t give me any breakouts.

All in all, Declaré is the brand I’ll pay more attention to in the future and I can’t wait to test some of the richer creams in the winter.