L’OREAL Color Infallible in All Night Blue Review and Swatch

Even though I’m on “no eyeshadows” project, I couldn’t resist this shade. I’ve heard a lot about these eyeshadows and I have found the perfect opportunity to try it for minimal price when I found one on the super sale (around $3) in my local drugstore. I think this shade will be discontinued, though.

The consistency is like a pressed pigment. It comes in a small jar and has additional black plastic cover. Do not throw it away, because it helps preserve the product.

The colour is a vibrant shimmery royal blue. I’m going to primarily use it as an eyeliner – I wanted a blue eyeliner for ages, but majority was either too dark, almost black looking, or too bright. This shadow is perfect.

As you can see from the swatch, it is super-pigmented. I was afraid that it will be more black than blue (a common problem with some eyeshadows), but it remains true to pan even applied in a thin layer.

And finally, the staying power is amazing. I have tested it on the probably hottest day in Croatia (the coldest room in my house was 31 degrees Celsius) and outside was 40 Celsius. I have extremely oily lids, and the heat certainly didn’t help.

However, L’Oreal Color Infallible has an amazing wear. I have tested it with a primer (Essence I Love Stage) on one eye and without a primer on the other. The results were excellent. After 10 hours there was just a slight creasing, but no fading on the eye without a primer. Over the primer, the eyeshadow looked as good as it did the moment I applied it. There was no creasing and the colour hasn’t faded a bit.

I am very impressed and I recommend those if you are on a hunt for affordable, longwearing eyeshadows.

L’Oreal Color Infallible All Night Blue swatch (one swipe of finger):


4 thoughts on “L’OREAL Color Infallible in All Night Blue Review and Swatch

  1. U DM-u. Bilo je sniženo na cca 19kn. Potraži ih u posebnoj košari. Ja sam svoje uzela u DM-u u pothodniku (Importanne), ali onaj veći na -1 etaži. Također je snižena i jedna smeđa nijansa (Endless Chocolate).

  2. jesi naletjela na sjenilo u Kozmu ili dm-u? stalno se neckam ocu kupit koje ili ne jer mi je cijena ipak malo previsoka.:/

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