OLAY Complete Daily UV Fluid Review



After being pretty satisfied with Olay Complete Night Cream, I have tried several more Olay products. I’m currently on my second bottle of Daily UV Fluid and I’m afraid it will be my last.

Daily UV Fluid for normal/oily skin comes in a 100ml bottle with a tiny opening on the top. It has SPF15

The consistency is a bit runny and it feels very light. A little goes a long way. After you apply it, you have to wait for several minutes (10 to 20) for it to properly sink in.

I have oily but dehydrated skin with enlarged pores. I’m normally NC15-20 and my skin tans easily without burning.

I have primarily bought it to use it as a daytime moisturizer/sunscreen during winter/early spring/late fall. I thought that this way I’ll get both – extra moisture that my skin is craving during those periods, and a light sunscreen (since the sun at that time isn’t as strong so I don’t want to use SPF50).

As a moisturizer it did its job pretty well. My skin was noticeably less dry while I was using it. However, I don’t advise to use it under make-up – it takes a long time to properly set and it can flake off from the skin when you try to apply foundation over it.

However, as a sunscreen it was a total fail. Usually during winter I loose that bit of summer tan I got and I’m super pale in spring. With Olay Daily UV Fluid, I lost almost none of the summer tan. The foundation I was using at that time was too light – usually it is a correct match or even too dark. I don’t think that SPF15 is too low – I used Lancôme Primordiale which had SPF15, spent the whole day on the March sun and my skin didn’t tan at all (my sister, on the other hand, got pretty good sunburn – she’s more sensitive to sun than me). I applied a huge amount, so this couldn’t be the cause too. I’m currently using it on my arms just to spend the bottle.

Another huge “no” is the fact that Daily UV Fluid is perfumed. This is not the problem per se, but if I apply it too close to eyes, or even if I only wave with the hand I was applying the fluid with in front of the eyes, they start to water. My eyes usually are not sensitive, but something in the fragrance irritate my eyes.

I can recommend it as a moisturizer, but don’t count on it to protect from sun – use something else with it as a sunscreen.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the ingredients, since I’ve thrown the box away, but I’ll update if I find out.

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