GUERLAIN Shine Automatique Lipstick Swatch (All Shades)



After the success of Rouge Automatique, Guerlain has launched a shiny version.

Shine Automatique comes in the same packaging as Rouge Automatique and retails for $35. There are 12 shades available:


200 Sous Le Vent

201 Vague Souvenir

202 Mi-Mai


220 Pour Troubler

221 Rouge De Damas


240 Pamplelune


260 Jardin de Bagatelle

261 Rose Impérial

262 Extrait de Rose

263 A la Parisienne

264 Rose Pompon

265 Pao Rosa

I have tested several on-counter and to me it seems like an improver version of Kiss Kiss Shine (I loved those). Some shades come sheer (as it is to be expecteed), but some are so pigmented that they would comfortably fit into the Rouge Automatique Range.

The finish is shiny – the lipstick contains the shimmer which transforms to a watery effect /(as if your lips are wet).

They feel very comfortable on the lips. I’m definitely planning to add several of those to my collection. I have my eyes on the following shades:

#220 Pour Troubler, although I’m not sure I need another red after purchasing Rouge Automatique Rouge d’Enfer.

#240 Pamplelune. This one will almost 100% find the place in my collection.

#263 A la Parisienne. Another almost 100% sure addition to my collection.

There is a tie between #260 Jardin de Bagatelle and #261 Rose Impérial. I’ll probably add one of those too, when I see which looks better on my complexion.

Top row: 200 Sous Le Vent swatch, 201 Vague Souvenir swatch, 202 Mi-Mai swatch, 220 Pour Troubler swatch, 221 Rouge De Damas swatch, 240 Pamplelune swatch.

Bottom row: 261 Rose Impérial swatch, 260 Jardin de Bagatelle swatch, 262 Extrait de Rose swatch, 263 A la Parisienne swatch, 264 Rose Pompon swatch, 265 Pao Rosa swatch.





Which shade do you like?

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