CHANEL Les 4 Ombres #37 Variation Eyeshadow Palette Swatch




Chanel has recently launced a sort of collection with three quads and two new shades of Illusion d’Ombre.


I admit that I’m not a fan of Chanel eyeshadows – the packaging is gorgeous and the shade selection amazing, but every time I swatch it, they are powdery nad not very pigmented. I have never been even tempted to purchase it (an I’m an eyeshadow freak). This palette has just firmed up my opinion.


I have swatched the European version of the quad (the one with only 1,2 grams of eyeshadow) which is baked. Such palette can be used both wet or dry. If used wet, the eyeshadows are supposed to be better pigmented.


At first, the Variation quad seemed the best of the bunch, but at closer look it’s very far from it. My opinion might modified because of the fact that I like this colour scheme the best, plus this is the only palette which contains the perfectly pigmented eyeshadow. However, other shades in this palette doesn’t measure.


The top left shade is a shimmery white with pearly base. It has more pigmentation than the top right shade in the Eclosion quad, but less than the top right shade in the Intuition quad.


The top right shade is shimmering lavender grey. Quality wise, it is the same as the top left shade.


The bottom left shade is supposed to be the medium dark lavender. However, it is the shade with the worst pigmentation overall. It has no pigment at all (I have applied around 5 to 6 layers) and it applies unevenly.


The bottom right shade is perfection. I don’t understand why they couldn’t make all the shades this way. It is smooth, rich aubergine. I have swatched this one with just a light swipe over the eyeshadow.


The shadows are swatched on NC20 skin.


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