GUERLAIN Rouge Automatique in Shalimar Review and Swatch


When it comes to lipsticks, Guerlain is my no 1 choice.  I’ve previously owned Rouge Automatique in Nahema and I was so happy with it that I have expanded my collection with two other shades. I actually wanted to buy even more, but the majority of the shades coud be classified as my-lips-but-better shade, or they are too vampy for me. In this post I’ll review one of the shades I have bought: Shalimar.

Shalimar a bright fuchsia shade with no visible shimmer on the lips. It is very pigmented and  applied on the lips it looks glossy. If I’m not mistaken, this is the shade that Natalia Vodianova wears on the promo photo ofor Rouge Automatique.

The quality of this lipstick is amazing – it is longwearing (up to 4 hours), creamy and moisturizing.

The packaging has both pluses and miniuses. I really like that I can apply the lipstick with practically one hand and I don’t have to worry where I put the lipstick cap (I always spend a couple of minutes looking for the cap). However, the packagin, while innovative, comes in a way when you apply the lipstick. You have to pull almost the whole bullet out, or you’ll smear the packaging.

I would also like to suggest a very similar lipstick from Oriflame: Wonder Colour lipstick in Pink Lady.


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